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SEO trends: what to expect in 2014?

John DOZ

The online competition is growing stronger and keeping up with old trends won’t be enough for 2014. It’s now time to get ahead of your competitors by anticipating the coming up SEO trends! A picture is worth a thousand words...

DOZ News

Let’s jump in 2014 !


We thought New Year was a good starting point to have a look back at 2013 and also give an overview of 2014. In 2013, we Launched DOZ.com After several months of private beta, testing and iterations, getting feedback from...

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Why You Should Do Guest Blogging ?

John DOZ

As they say “unity is strength”, that’s why many bloggers do some guest blogging. It’s a good way to improve their blog visibility and develop partnerships. But you should know that hosting guest bloggers is like hosting guest dinner, there...

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Why You Should Add A Business Blog To Your Website ?

John DOZ

You’ve got many professional pages in social media, and you think it’s enough to give more visibility to your business website? You’re totally wrong! You forgot to set up your business blog, a must-have for succeeding in your online marketing...

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How To Write A Post on Your Blog ?

John DOZ

Creating a new post on your blog is one of the best way to warn search engines that your website is active. This content will also empower your internal linking strategy and improve your rankings. Here are few tips to...

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Moving forward from (Not Provided)

Carine Esteves

Remember in 2011, when just 0,68% of your website visits were affected by the encrypted search data for logged in users, a.k.a HTTPS, a.k.a « Not Provided »? Oh good old times! And then it got worse, Google encrypted up to 33%...

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How To Build A High Converting Landing Page ?

Ben Issa

Anatomy of a high converting landing page In a previous article concerning landing pages, we dealt with landing page optimization and improvement of conversion. This article helped you to understand how a landing page works, and what impact it might...

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Best Times To Post On Social Media

Ben Issa

Posting on social media at the right time You certainly faced up this situation: you publish a post; you wait… nothing happens. After a few hours, you notice that you are getting no like, no comment, no share or any...

Search Engines, Videos, Ebooks, Infographics

Content That Ranks (and How to Write It)

Ben Issa

Tips to write content that ranks “Content is king” may be a SEO consultants dictum. But in this mess of practices, it’s difficult to know what really works. There are 5 things you should keep in mind to improve your ranking:...

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