Hadrien L.

A current student at EM Lyon in the Specialized Master Entreprendre, I'm also a recent graduate from NEU with a Bachelor of Science in International Business specialized in Finance (Venture Capitalism and Mergers & Acquisitions), and from the CESEM program of RMS with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Past Sales Assistant at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris & Program Analyst at ICIC in Boston.


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Industries of Expertise

Internet Telecommunications Apparel & Fashion Furniture Leisure, Travel & Tourism Food & Beverages Publishing Music Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Search Engine Marketing

Content writing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing


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  • 2012
    ICIC Program Analyst
    - Surveyed past participant CEOs to inquire about their growth further to their attendance to the previous ICCC seminar. - Contacted economic development agencies nationwide to gather nominations of companies able to take advantage of the ICCC program. - Contacted the nominated companies to inform the CEO about their nomination, explain the program and assist them in the application process. - Participated in the preparation of the seminars and the match day. - Assisted and guided CEOs during the seminar at the University of Chicago and the interview day at -Fortune Magazine in New York. - Supervised the presentation of six companies to debt providers. - Surveyed participants CEOs and analyzed their perception of the training and the interviews, compared these results to the previous year ones and identified dominant trends and improvements.
  • 2010
    Louis Vuitton Sales Assistant
    - Welcomed, advised and served customers, completed customer transactions, conducted in-store visits for clients explaining the significance of the different artwork, entered information in the database - Processed and packed orders in the stock section in order to send them to the store surface where sales assistants received the articles to give them to clients - Performed inventory checks to ensure the accuracy of the internal system’s data - Presented the denim collection to the staff and wrote a synthesis of the target market after polling the sales assistants to management - Awarded best sales assistant of my team on two different occasions by selling team products 1 out of 4 times - Reached personal sales of $1,100,000 during 7 months with company
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