What is this task about?

Welcome to your first DOZ marketing task. 

This task is provided free of charge to help you become more familiar with the DOZ platform. You can launch the task, have it assigned to a DOZ Expert and reviewed by a DOZ Peer Reviewer - just like a regular DOZ task. 

Utility of a Website Audit:

A website audit is a technical assessment of your website that helps you to see what is normally unseen. The reasons for a website audit vary: maybe you have low traffic or a conversion rate you’d like to improve, perhaps your ranking on a search engine has dropped, or you might have a bounce rate issue. Whatever the reasons, the impartial analysis that an auditor offers in their custom, in-depth report, as well as their specific practical suggestions for improvement, provide you with all you need to start moving your site in the right direction again. 

What can you expect from this task?

SEO Tips emerge as a result of a broader Website Audit, and can include tips related to:

  • Site Structure: Menus/URL/Pages etc.
  • Content Structure: H-Tags/Titles/Semantics etc.
  • External Content and Net-Linking Recommendations
  • Loading Time/Responsiveness/Language

Options available

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