Community Management

What is this task about?

Posting engaging and memorable posts helps your brand to interact with its current community and attract new members (fans or followers). Asking questions ,triggering emotions, and providing useful information are just a few ways you can increase your reach and the number of fans and followers.


What can you expect from this task?

Community Management helps you to improve interaction on your social media pages. By posting fresh material you will encourage your fans and followers to interact and increase your brand awareness by earning new fans and followers.

This  task is set to be delivered each week. 

Make sure you to select the number of posts you'd like to have per day and how many days per week. 

Options available

Number of social media post
1 post / 2 posts / 3 posts / 4 posts / 5 posts
Social Media concerned
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / Google + / Linkedin
Day of the week
1 day / 2 days / 3 days / 4 days / 5 days / 6 days / Everyday of the week
Specify URL/s

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