Competitive Analysis

What is this task about?

Understand why your competitors are out-performing you online. Get a grasp on what you should be doing to catch up. Find your closest competitors and define the right strategy to allow you to first catch up, and then leave them behind. This is what you get with our competitive analysis - can you afford not to have one?

What can you expect from this task?

Competitive analysis allows you to access to useful and strategic information about your targeted market. This file helps you to identify your online competitors and consequently, to adpat your online marketing strategy. By choosing the number and type of competitors, you will be able to get a precise and efficient competitive analysis.

Options available

Analysis level
All Direct competitors / All Direct & Indirect competitors / Full industry landscape / Mainstream competitors only
Identify competitors from
Search Engines / Social Media / All channels / Content Marketing
Type of competitors to identify
Industry competitors / Niche competitors / Influential industry sites

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