Content Copy

What is this task about?

Having great content is important, but having fresh content matters too. A lot. While good content brings people in, fresh content keeps them coming back. If you want to create fans out of customers and brand advocates out of one-time buyers, ensuring your content is both well written with consistent tone and regularly updated is the best strategy you can adopt.


What can you expect from this task?

Content Copy task provides you with an adapted and optimized digital content that provides value for an end-user or audience. Regarding the paramaters you will select, this content can be a blog post, a content summary, a press release, etc. It will of course be optimized for search engines (including the keywords you selected), but it will also be engaging and catchy for internet users (include the medias you selected).

Options available

Minimum word count
150 / 300 / 600 / 1200 / 80 / 900
Anyone can understand / Neutral / Informative / Instructive / Objective / Friendly / Persuasive / Professional / Technical / Fun / Humorous

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