Professional Video

What is this task about?

Videos are one of the most engaging content format online  and offline. Attract and convert visitors into customers, and retain or  grow existing one. They provide an excellent opportunity for brands to  show off products and communicate your brand's values. It's the perfect  way to reach out to your audience, connect with existing and potential  customers.

What can you expect from this task?

You will be delivered a highly professional video, that you can use on any channels
of your choice. Finding inspiration for the perfect video can be tough but, with this
task, DOZ experts deliver your video directly. You can post the video to your YouTube
channel (or Dailymotion or Vimeo), share the video on your social media and web
feeds, and embed it on web properties to attract and convert qualified visitors.

This task is composed of three tasks :

Video Scenario
Professional Video First Version
Professional Video (that delivers you the finale work)

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