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What is this task about?

Getting featured on unique and fresh articles published on the web is one of the best ways of increasing the popularity and search rankings for your website. When links are tied to effective anchor texts and direct visitors to your most relevant pages you are sure to see results. What's more, with a Product Centered post the features and benefits of your offer are presented clearly, in a natural style, and with the sort of authentic feedback that is so valuable to brands.

What can you expect from this task?

A Product Centered post is focused on just your product or service. More than a simple review, it is an in-depth account of the features, benefits, and use cases for your product written by an expert copywriter and content creator. You can specify the length of the post, have specific images included from your own digital stock or request that the DOZ expert provide their own images, and you can even request specific features that you would like particular attention focused on. If your product deserves to be featured online, a Product Centered post is the best choice.

This task also contains another related task that generates the content to be published; namely, Product Centered - Writing.

Product Centerd Writing provides you with an engaging digital content that will be published on a specialized and influential blog. That content will be attractive to internet users and can include any media you provide.

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