Content Marketing

Marketing is about strategically reaching entities that you have an interest in reaching. Online Marketing is even more sophisticated. Content Marketing involves creating and delivering unique and rich experience to the people you are targeting.

To do so, one of the most appropriate ways is just telling stories, honest and real ones. It could be about your brand, services, products, culture, whatever that might interest your audience. Think of a newspaper, when you are reading an article, what is your first motivation: be up to date, learn, curiosity? Well, on the web it’s the same process, people want to discover things, and stories are made to do so. Content Marketing is taking several forms. Of course text is one, but different formats exists.

Think of how many:

  • Videos are watched everyday on Youtube
  • Pictures are posted on Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr
  • Infographics are viewed on and presented on Slideshare
  • Songs are listened to on Soundcloud or Spotify
  • Posts are published on Facebook and Twitter
  • Articles read on Tumblr and other Wordpress blogs
  • Etc.

Our vision at DOZ:

DOZ intends to provide the best content marketing possible through creativity and authenticity from our pool of marketers. There are as many ways to tell stories as there are people to read them. Substance and form can vary, but the aim is still to deliver a message. We are creating great content marketing that ensures the distribution of your message to an audience that has a true interest in what you do.

Anji & Faouzi
Co-founders @ DOZ

Content Marketing Strategy ?

Your website text and content drives a search engine ranking position; optimized content and well written text should be carefully thought out, designed, and integrated. Having a high quality SEO content development strategy is, thus, the basis of any successful website. The whole process of optimizing your site text for search engines is called SEO copywriting.

How to create quality content ?

Quality web content creation involves in-depth keyword research and good writing quality. It aims to increase traffic to your website through its high search engine ranking and indexation for your targeted keywords. Our goal is to create well-written and optimized content that is keyword rich, relevant, and structured for search engines.
Our experts carefully analyze your competitors’ websites, keywords, and your keywords' industry competitiveness to make sure you are not missing any keyword opportunity or the chance to define sets of keywords. They are dedicated to producing the quality copywriting useful to both visitors and search engines, to increase your rankings as well as the conversion rates of your website's visitors. Remember, you should create content On and Off-Site to improve SEO.


On-site refers to all the action you do on your own web page to increase search engine ranks. On-site content creation is important to ensuring that your page features in organic searches for your targeted keywords and phrases.

On Site Content creation includes posting for your blog as well as creating new category or product pages. All of these should follow a consistent structure.



Off-site content creation refers to content publication that is not part of your own website or blog, but that contributes to your PageRank and, therefore, SEO. It refers to the activities related to creating a network of links pointing back to your site. Search engines look for signals of authority and significance.

These include article marketing, Press Releases for Online Press Release sites, or pieces of structured content, such as summaries that can be shared on sites like web directories or Reddit.

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