Prepare to Perform

Design, deploy, and manage your campaigns and your people with DOZ.

Perfectly Simple Planning

Control your campaign

Take complete control of your online campaigns. Schedule tasks to be completed concurrently or consecutively, plan for peer reviews and evaluations, and set deadlines for everything from a single tweet to a major consulting project.

Select and Schedule

Just click to launch

Whether it is a single tweet, a week-long Facebook campaign, or a complete content marketing strategy, DOZ allows you to plan and schedule your marketing with ease. An OS-neutral platform coupled with a responsive design means that scheduling is simple on any desktop or mobile device.

Advanced Filters

Click for complete control

Your marketing campaign is complex but this doesn't mean it has to be confusing. With DOZ's advanced filtering you triage your marketing tasks by type, cost, deadline, review status and more. Find out where you stand and what's coming up fast.

Campaign Headquarters

Multiple projects, one platform

The DOZ platform allows you to manage multiple campaigns across different domains all from the same dashboard. Take a global view or drill down for details - there's no need to log out, log back in, or disrupt your workflow.

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