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Content Marketing: The Future of Business?

Kathy Lam

A long-term relationship with customers is probably what every business wants. It helps reduce customer requisition cost, build good reputation and hence more business. But hard-selling ads and annoying social media posts do not always guarantee a happily-ever-after ending with...

Marketing Resources

Traditional marketing VS content marketing

Cécile R.

More and more companies are trying out online marketing campaigns and some of them are even switching from traditional marketing to content marketing as they see a greater ROI. In fact, it is said that inbound marketing delivers 54% more...

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How To Manage Online Reputation?

Ben Issa

Thanks to web 2.0, anyone can become a content creator and build an online reputation. Here we discuss what e-reputation is and what tools can be used to manage your e-reputation. What is online reputation all about? Online reputation definition...

Social Media

3 easy steps to develop your LinkedIn Page network

Cécile R.

As with any social media account, on LinkedIn, you need a killer profile so that your company stands out. Today, I will share some best practices to grow your LinkedIn following base and to expand your network. Step 1 – Work...

Content & Blogging, Videos, Ebooks, Infographics

4 tips to make your blog posts more attractive

Ben Issa

You can write the most interesting and compelling blog post, but if the supporting thumbnails and headlines are not attractive, it will probably not perform as expected. Here are 4 tips to make your blog posts more attractive by optimizing thumbnails...

Marketing Resources

First time expert on DOZ? Let’s get started!

Cécile R.

If you just signed up for DOZ as an online marketing expert, you may feel a little overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we are here to help. In this guide, you will find tips on how to get started, how to...

Social Media, Tech & Startups

Brands react to Apple’s latest Keynote on social media

Cécile R.

Yesterday at 10 am, Apple introduced a number of new products during a keynote at Flint Center. This is where Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh in 1984 and the iPad in 2010. This time, Tim Cook and his team introduced...

Marketing Resources, Social Media

How to use Twitter as an online marketing tool

Cécile R.

Twitter is much more than a social media platform. Boasting around a billion users, Twitter is a platform you want to take advantage of for your marketing needs. Beyond simply being a tool to reach friends and family, Twitter helps...

Marketing Resources, Search Engines

Getting your website on top of local searches

John DOZ

Jessica Smith is the Editorial Executive of Postific, a free social media management and marketing platform created to help businesses increase social engagement and reach more customers. Learn more about Jessica by following her on Twitter and on Google. Effective...

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