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Search Engines

Small Business SEO

Meghan Colwell

When I first entered the SEO field, I immediately wondered about small businesses’ search engine competitiveness. How, for example, can a small company with a limited or developing market achieve visibility, especially in the shadow of larger competitors? Medium to...

Analytics & Metrics

‘Not Provided’, ‘Not Set’, Google is Not Cool

Carine Esteves

[This article has been updated : Moving forward from (Not Provided) ] Except Instagram’s takeover (which application is insta-great) and how Pinterest is skyrocketing, I have been hearing a lot about the “Not Provided”  and “Not Set” Google Analytics is displaying....

Social Media

Cinemagram vs Vine : The Video-Sharing apps War

Carine Esteves

My fist intent was to expose how Vine, the new Twitter owned app, could be used as a Marketing Tool and I then realized that  I was about to “promote” a so called “Span” app while Cinemagram, which operates in the same general...

DOZ News

DOZ: Prosourcing Search and Social Media Marketing


We are proud to announce the launch of DOZ, our innovative new product. You may have heard about it, since it was presented at Launch Festival 2013 on March 4-6th, in San Francisco. What is DOZ ? In a few...

Search Engines, Tech & Startups

Obama to hold second Google Hangout


Spend Valentines Day With The President On Tuesday, President Obama made his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, but on Thursday, he will address your questions directly in a Google+ Hangout. This is his second...

Social Media, Tech & Startups

Super Bowl Blackout Turns into Free Marketing Dream


A Knockout Blackout The lights may have went out on Sunday at the Super Dome, but the lights were anything but out for marketers who were able to cleverly take advantage of the situation. The power outage gave brands the...

Content & Blogging

Content Therapy: 5 tips for better content in 2013


Panda Update #24 Google tweeted last week they were releasing another update to their algorithm. This is the first in 2013 and the 24th Panda update in total. It was stated that about1.2% of English queries were expected to be affected. The Panda update focuses...

DOZ News, Tech & Startups

Crowdsourcing Charity


Doing Good The focus of this blog is most often centered on marketing industry news and topics.  This week we decided to share something different. Technology is not just beneficial for business, but also for social good. Crowdsourced platforms make it easy...

Social Media

What Facebook Graph Search Means for Marketers


The BIG Announcement The tech world is abuzz about Facebook’s announcement that they are entering SEARCH! The Facebook Graph Search is a search engine for your friends, that is able to use your network of friends and their interests to answer searches such as, “who...

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