As they say “unity is strength”, that’s why many bloggers do some guest blogging. It’s a good way to improve their blog visibility and develop partnerships. But you should know that hosting guest bloggers is like hosting guest dinner, there are few customs to consider.


    Guest blogging, what and why?

    Guest blogging consists in inviting another blogger to write a post on your own blog.  It aims at increasing your visibility and give your readers an other point of view or expertise on a specific topic. This infographic form Bigoak shows you what are the 8 benefits of guest blogging.

    Benefits Of Guest Blogging

    How to find the right guest blogger?

    It’s difficult to find a perfect blogger who has skills to post on your blog while respecting your editorial line. Before sorting out and selecting the good one, you have to look for blogs which have similar or complementary topics as yours.  Here, an ebook from fluxe digital marketing,  gives some tips to find guests blogs.

    My advices to do great guest blogging

    The guest needs to write a post of the same (or even better) quality than he would do on his blog. Remember, that the aim of a guest blogging is not to bring visibility just to one site but to both, see it as a partnership.

    Don’t forget that blogging strength comes from community. Inform your community about your guest blogger, share on social media, it should be a special event. Your guest’s  communitywill also share and come read the post, so you might attract new readers. If you have the opportunity, you can be yourself a guest on a blog that is relevant to your expertise and hobbies.

    Also always consider writing SEO friendly blog post, check our tips. 


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