Edge Rank: What it Is and How to Succeed

Most everyone working in digital marketing has heard of Google’s Page Rank. But what about Edge Rank?

If you’re not familiar with this ranking tool, don’t worry: you haven’t missed a post on the Official Google Blog. Indeed, Edge Rank is not a Google product but rather comes from the big blue house that is Facebook. Simply put, Facebook’s Edge Rank is part of an algorithm that determines whether a post, update, or status change makes it into the news feed of fans, followers, and friends alike. The better the Edge Rank, the more likely the post will find its way to a larger audience.

Understanding Edge Rank is not difficult, but it is essential. Without a good understanding of how Facebook ranks the millions of daily page updates, status changes, posts and images with their algorithm it is going to be difficult to consistently put your content in front of the people you are trying to reach. sure, you might get lucky from time to time, but consistent performance requires consistent attention to the sorts of things that the Edge Rank algorithm considers important.

And what are they?

Read on…

The Edge Rank Infographic

The team at Post Rocket have put together a fantastic infographic to walk you through the basics of Edge Rank, ensure you understand exactly how the algorithm works and what it values in content, and how you can best construct your posts, status updates, and content marketing to rank highly on Facebook.

What’s more, these tips on improving Facebook posts and getting a greater return on the investment in content (in terms of  conversion and engagement) are pratical. This isn’t a theoretical, pie-in-the-sky assessment of Edge Rank, it’s a guide to getting the most out of every post you make on the social network preferred by more than a billion users worldwide.


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