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Sixth June is a young and modern menswear brand built around a strong identity. Sixth June takes inspiration in music, sports and arts. Every detail is important for this brand that values new style design.

The problem:

Since Sixth June launched its website in early 2012 in a really competitive industry, it had to be smarter than its competition to attract visitors and convert them into new clients. With a brand new domain and a very poor popularity, the site has to build its authority from scratch.

Results after 12 months:


Increase in traffic from organic search


Increase in revenue through organic search


Of targeted keywords ranked in Top 10

Guillaume Pradel

General Manager

I like the transparency provided by the DOZ Platform. For an ecommerce site like us, we focus on quality traffic and this is what DOZ brings us.

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Our Strategy


On-site content

to drive potential buyers to convert online


On-site blogging

to engage clients and increase site's indexability


Relationship to bloggers

to engage the community

The solution

DOZ had to design the whole Search Engine strategy for the brand and identify audience opportunities. Not only on-site optimization but also off-site content were keys to get significant and fast results. DOZ then had to put to work highly qualified writers who had interest in the fashion industry, and work on relationship with industry bloggers.


As several new e-commerce websites, and especially in a highly competitive industry; Sixth June needed to have fast and tangible results. With its online platform DOZ allows clients like Sixth June to monitor every single task undertaken in the campaign and track its performance.

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