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How to increase product exposure through blogs marketing campaigns ?


MOO is an award-winning on-demand printing business. MOO makes it very easy to create beautiful, expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials that help you start conversations, open doors and strengthen relationships. MOO is passionate about great design and the difference it can make with customers and the world.

The problem:

Aware that leveraging key influencers is a powerful marketing strategy to gain exposure, MOO reached out to the right influencers but came to realize that building lists of influential bloggers to fit specific campaigns and markets is a very time-consuming task.

Performing searches to identify bloggers based on the size of the blog, the frequency of posts, readership demographics, social profiles, and topics is a real challenge and requires in-depth analysis.

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The solution

Evaluating and vetting bloggers is an amazing added-value for MOO. DOZ made it easy for MOO's team to pick from DOZ network of influential bloggers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia.

MOO was able to build 5 successful blogs marketing outreach campaigns in a short time.


Different campaigns managed in a variety of languages and targeting different markets and audiences has never been easy, no matter the size of the company.

DOZ makes it easy to reach out to a wide network of influential bloggers located where and when you need them across Europe and the world, and allows you to broadcast adapted messages in your preferred writing style to the entire global audience.

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