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How to use social media to cover an international event?


Total is a major French multinational company specializing in oil and gas. Established in 1924, it now has over 97,000 employees and is located in 130 countries. Since 1968, Elf (who later merged with Total) has been one of the main sponsors of Formula 1, and Total is currently sponsoring Romain Grosjean, a French driver for the Lotus F1 team. Total is also supplying lubricants and oils to other teams, including Red Bull, Caterham F1 team and Williams F1 team.

The problem:

With the Formula 1 season underway and the mythic race at Monza, Italy approaching, Total needed to broadcast the event to their international audience. Total F1 already owned two accounts on the social media site Twitter: one in French and one in English - which has a much bigger audience of about 170,000 followers. For the Grand Prix at Monza, the company needed a way to promote their sponsor, driver Romain Grosjean, as well as the race.

Results after 3 days:






Total reach

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Our Strategy


Community Manager

native and located in target market, expertise in marketing


Community Manager 

with industry knowledge in sports and car racing


Community Management

with knowledge of the platform, expertise in live tweeting and engagement

The solution

For Total F1, the community manager took control of the existing English Twitter account. The community manager, who was selected, not only for their native language and location, but also for their technical skills, was able to provide support to F1 followers and knowledge of Formula 1.


Thanks to the use of targeted hashtags such as #r8main, #ItalianGP and #Monza, the community manager has been able to provide followers a feed of constant information about the race. Total’s Twitter account has been able to acquire and increase its qualified user base as well as create engagement among its brand and audience.

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