About us

Let's go higher, all together.

DOZ background

In Kurdish (language from Kurdistan) "DOZ" means "a mission, a goal".

In 2008, Anji and Faouzi had a mutual Kurdish friend who always said that everyone should find his own "DOZ" in life. A few years later, when Anji and Faouzi had the opportunity to found www.doz.com, they knew that this was their "DOZ".

Our Vision

Our goal is to improve the quality of the Marketing Industry. There has been too much abuse by "spam companies," and now even the word "Marketing" has a pejorative connotation. Every brand, every company, every website needs Marketing. Good Marketing.

We believe that Marketing can still be done the right way. That is why we have built DOZ. Social Networks, Analytics software, etc. are the keys to higher quality Marketing services.


  • Anji ISMAIL


    The Marketing Industry is not working as it should. Consulting or Monitoring without good execution is a waste of time... DOZ is changing that.

  • Faouzi El YAGOUBI


    Social Data can help finding the best skills everywhere in the world. Everyone is the best at something, just a matter of matching.

Our Team

  • Team-thibault

    Thibault GEORGES

    Corporate Development

  • Team-eric

    Eric LEVEAU

    Product Development

  • carine-esteves-doz-capseo

    Carine ESTEVES

    Lead Operations

  • Team-konrad


    Lead UX & UI

  • Team-sami

    Sami BANNI

    Project Manager

  • Team-karima

    Karima AOUIDET

    Social Media Specialist

  • Ben Issa

    Ben ISSA

    Accounts Manager

  • Team-cecile-rainon

    Cécile RAINON

    Community Manager

  • Team-aymen

    Aymen KHALIFA

    Search Engines Specialist

  • Monique Au Appavou DOZ

    Monique AU APPAVOU

    Administrative & Financial Manager

  • Gary Bourgeat DOZ


    Web Developper

  • Team-gael

    Gaël CANCRE

    Web Developper

  • Nicolas Laurent DOZ

    Nicolas LAURENT

    Web Developper

  • Team-hafid

    Hafid LARABI

    Designer UX & UI

  • Jeremy Valette DOZ

    Jeremy VALETTE

    Assistant Account Executive

  • dylan-kissane-content-manager

    Dylan KISSANE

    Content Manager

  • Siana Sandoval DOZ

    Diana SANDOVAL

    Customer Success Manager

  • Christophe Michot DOZ

    Christophe MICHOT

    VP of Sales

  • Justin Chazalette DOZ


    Assistant Project Manager

  • Team-google


    Entertainment Manager