About us

Let's go higher, all together.


We have built DOZ on the back of a shared vision of the future of marketing. In this future the trends of globalization, the gig economy, and technology converge to allow companies to market their products anywhere, any time, and with just the click of a mouse.
Our vision for DOZ drew inspiration from our graduate school experience working for marketing agencies and, since then, we have worked together to make our vision of a software solution to marketing management pain-points a reality.



The global marketing industry is worth more than $100 billion, but it's broken. Companies don't have the access to the local marketers they want, agencies don't have the scale to help their clients expand their reach internationally, and the internet has encouraged a race-to-the-bottom as inexperienced marketers deliver sub-par work for increasingly frustrated clients.
We have built DOZ to challenge this status quo and change the way that marketing is managed and delivered worldwide.




The Marketing Industry is not working as it should. Consulting or Monitoring without good execution is a waste of time... DOZ is changing that.



Social Data can help finding the best skills everywhere in the world. Everyone is the best at something, just a matter of matching.

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