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    Last week we talked about the first three digital marketing lessons your business can take away from Tesla’s Model 3 engine. Today, we are ending this topic with the last three lessons.

    Ready? Let’s go!

    Lesson 3.bis – Minimum constraint, maximum freedom

    Did we go through a whole article without talking about the fact that Tesla’s Model 3 is an electric car? Ok, maybe it was not worth mentioning… What is, however, worth mentioning, is how little time one needs to charge it and how long the charging lasts. I’ll give you the numbers: about 358 miles for a single charge and 15 min for up to 175 miles. Thus, Tesla pursues its “minimum maximum” marketing argument: minimum constraints (no gas station stop, fast charging) for maximum freedom (you can go from Boston to Philadelphia with only one charge).

    In our lesson 3 last week we saw how preparing a thorough strategy in advance could make you save time in the long-term. I did not mention organization since it is, to me, so important, it needed a whole point to itself. Here we are: the digital marketing lesson you can learn from Tesla’s Model 3 marketing argument is the following: organize yourself as much as possible to ensure a stress free performance.

    More than any other digital job, digital marketing requires experts to be in accordance with their environment. By environment, I mean the market the business is operating in, the news within or outside the market, the tech teams operating in the business, the business partners, and ultimately, the clients. One of the most important features of a digital marketing expert is its versatility. It is a must if one wants to survive within this industry. Thus, working in such a field can rapidly be time-consuming, and, indeed, tiring.

    This is why organization is important.

    If you are willing for your business to thrive, you must be consistent and to be consistent you must be well organized. If not, you are risking a failure in your strategy or, worse, a burn-out.

    Achieve any repetitive task in advance.

    Make sure you have your meetings, articles and social media posts set for the week or month to come. I know not everything can be done in advance, the readier you are and the most advanced on your schedule you are, the easier it will be for you to tackle any new work or task coming up. Doing what can be done in advance will also give you time to focus on what really matters.

    Keep your free time and your energy for creativity.

    What differentiates humans from robots or AI is their creativity. Your creativity is what will make the difference in the long-term. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it does not matter. At the end of the day, the only way for you to make a difference is by solving problems creatively, in a way only you can. This is what your time should be allocated to. A good organization will help you tackle rapidly time-consuming tasks and let you free for the ones requiring your unique creativity.

    Lesson 4 – Automatic pilot is not what you think

    This Tesla Model 3 feature is probably my favorite: the automatic pilot. The utmost pleasure is not only to drive a car, but knowing it can also drive itself. It makes you feel powerful when you are in full control of the vehicle and safe when you know you feel tired or stressed. Because, indeed, if driving can be a fantastic experience, it can also turn into a terrible nightmare if one happens to make the smallest mistake.

    This digital marketing tip is my little secret, so make sure to keep it to yourself. Too late? You mean you’ve already shared it with the world? Oh, too bad… Let me tell you anyways: we all know content is king, but nobody told you what its crown was made of.

    Blogging can be overwhelming sometimes. Whether it is social media posting or merely writing blog posts, the task can be hard to keep up with for inspiration can fail and time can lack. This is why using various forms of content creation can be useful, if not essential for a long-term winning digital strategy.

    Writing your own posts and putting in your whole energy into creating outstanding content is rewarding. However, sometimes it can be more interesting for you to share other writers’ content. It enables you to free yourself some time, and let your business run its course while you deal with other matters. Furthermore:

    You make viable connections.

    Sharing guest posts on your blog can be a great way to advertise your business and have experts visit your website. It allows you to make lifelong connections and partnerships with people in the same field as you. Sometimes, these people work in complementary fields, meaning, they might come to you for advice or expertise for their own business or one of their clients’. Connections are an undeniable source of profit.

    It enhances your own content.

    While allowing your readers to enjoy a different approach to a subject, it also makes your own original content more valuable. If guest posts provide a new insight, it will never replace your business’ unique voice. By publishing guest posts, you give your readers a sense of scarcity regarding your original content. Thus, why they might be more aware of your original publishing.

    Lesson 5 – Strategy is designed for the driver

    Tesla designed its Model 3 for the driver by providing them additional practical and life-changing features. The most important one being: the phone is at the center of the driving experience, enabling the driver to control the whole vehicle from a safe spot (a touch screen). This part is probably why one would buy a Tesla instead of any other vehicle: because it has been designed for them.

    (Do I even have to write it?) Just like the Tesla Model 3, your marketing strategy must be designed for your reader

    Often, as a digital marketing expert, you must put yourself in your readers’ shoes and ask yourself: “What would they be interested in reading about? If I were them, what type of content would I be looking for, what resources, tools? What difference can I make for them? Why would they enjoy following me rather than any other expert in my field?”

    This is where you can make the true difference. We talked about creativity earlier. Well, you arrived at its core. How is your communication benefitting your reader? Do you provide them with information, entertainment, good vibes? What would they like to read about? Which aspect of your content do they enjoy the most? What encourages them to read you every day/week/month? How do you make a difference in their everyday lives?

    Collect data.

    The best way to answer these questions is to know who you are talking to. To learn more about your fanbase, you can check out Google Analytics or use tracking tools. However, remember the first lesson: transparency is key. If you are going to ask your readers for more data, make sure to be able to justify its use for other reasons than making profit.

    Ask them directly.

    As humans, we often like to think ourselves omniscient and we tend to believe we know exactly what the person in front of us wants. Truth is it is rarely the case. The same goes for your customers. You will never really know why they continue reading your articles or social media posts if you do not ask them. The same goes for content topics: you will never know what subjects your readers are interested in if you do not ask them. Therefore, do not undermine the power of polls on social media or surveys. They might end up saving your business…

    Once you can answer my previous questions in a definite way, I may say you are ready to take your content strategy to the next level.



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