Google having over 90% of the search engine market share worldwide, ranking on Google may seem like a task for website owners online. With over 3.5 billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, searchers run to Google for everything and anything.

    It is important to note that Google’s algorithms are continuously changing and updating as they are getting smarter. Remember, Google is not focused on penalizing websites for no reason. Their main goal is to ensure they provide the highest quality and the most relevant search results to their users. So in order for you to increase your website ranking on Google, you need to learn to optimize your site with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    7 steps to improve your Google rankings in 2021

    SEO: The Key for Businesses and Websites

    The main objective of every online business is to drive traffic to their website and improve their website ranking on search engines. SEO is the key for business and websites to be successful in this competitive digital marketing world. Gone are the traditional marketing techniques as everything is easily available online. People are conducting searches online on a daily basis whether they are in need of a product or a service.

    A higher search engines rank will improve their sales and also help in obtaining leads. Once you build a website that ranks high on search engines, you can even implement a digital marketing strategy known as Rank and Rent. As long as you can rank website with the most common tools available, you will be able it rent. If you aren’t familiar with this term, read detailed info here on Diggity Marketing.

    The Challenge of Implementing an SEO strategy

    When it comes to implementing SEO strategies for your website, you need to take several components into consideration while building a site. As much as it helps in driving traffic to your site, you create an environment where users once they land on your web pages are satisfied with content, layout, navigation and many other things.

    An excellent web hosting provider can help you accomplish in having a successful website as it improves website performance. With several hosting provider out there, Hosting Foundry has reviewed and compared some of the hosting services that cater to all businesses.

    7 steps to improve your Google rankings in 2021

    To make your SEO efforts achieve all your businesses goals, use these tips to improve your Google ranking in 2021:

    1. High Quality Content

    The blog section of your website has the highest capacity to draw traffic to your site. Indeed, each time a new blog post is added, a new page is indexed by Google.

    The blogs you add to your website should be compelling and informative. As you know, Google appreciates high quality and relevant content so make sure your content is evergreen, comprehensive and fresh. The last thing you want is people visiting to your website and find outdated content.

    The best way to keep your content fresh is to regularly update them with the latest trends and statistics. You can even optimize your blog post with keywords that are relevant to your niche. This can help in improving web ranks.

    The goal is to post content appealing to your niche and your target audience. Thus increasing traffic, and revenue. If you want to learn how to monetize your blog, read this guide.

    7 steps to improve your Google rankings in 2021

    2. Use Targeted Keywords

    Targeting keywords that are relevant to your niche is vital to improve your Google ranking.

    A decade ago, it was easy to pack your web pages with as many keywords as possible to rank higher on search engines. Today, in order to be found easily by users, you must first build a strong foundation of keyword for your website. By strategically placing keywords ––your blogs, alt tags, title and description tags–– you will be able to drive more organic traffic to your website.

    Long-tail keywords which are three to four word phrases tend to be less competitive and can help you rank faster. If your keywords match a user’s search on Google, your website has a greater chance of ranking higher for that search.

    Backlink are one of the top ranking for Googles and other search engines. It plays a key role in improving your website rank.

    The objective is to attract kinks from trustworthy and authoritative websites. For this, you need to do some outreach and connect with other bloggers, publishers, and webmasters. Links from reputed domains on your website show Google that your site is credible which helps in increasing traffic and improve your search ranking.

    Another great way is to ensure that your content is shareable on social media so that it can generate more backlinks quickly on multiple platforms. Offer your high-quality content to other sites who function in a similar niche as yourself. If your content matches all the criteria of newsworthy content, you will get featured on another site and also a link back to your website.

    4. Optimize Your Website Performance

    No matter how many SEO strategies you implement on your website, if your website does not create a pleasant user experience, you will lose customers and ultimately lose sales.

    Your web design and structure can play a key role in creating a positive user experience. It will help in enhancing your website and send positive signals to Google. The more people stay on your site, the more likely they could turn into a customer.

    If they fail to navigate your site easily and have a bad experience, they won’t hesitate to move on to another site. If too many users are bouncing off your site, it will penalize you in your web ranks.

    5. Optimize Images and Videos

    When people visit your site, your images are the first thing that grab their attention. Therefore, creating content with images and videos are a great way to make your content attractive and appealing to your target audience.

    Featuring multimedia will always boost your website ranking and over all website performance. Infographics also help in visualizing your blog topics and encourage engagement.

    Optimizing your images with alt tags or your videos with title and descriptions will improve your web ranking on Google and user experience. Ensure that your images adhere to all the SEO requirements  such as descriptive file names and alt text.

    6. Social Media Linking

    Your social media platforms are a great way to drive traffic to your website. There, you can share your blog and other high-quality content to attract followers to your pages and build an excellent social profile.

    You can link your website to your profiles and you blogs to your posts to garner more attention for your brand. Make your content easier to be shared amongst your target audience. If your content get shared on social platforms, you will be able to reach a wider audience. Likewise, you can link your social media channels to your website. This way, people can visit your social platforms as well.

    Since social media is taking up nearly a third of the average user’s Internet time, and it may not have a direct impact on your website rank. But it will help build credibility and visibility. It also opens an opportunity to interact and engage with your prospects online. Connecting with people is essential when building your brand on social media platforms

    7 steps to improve your Google rankings in 2021

    7. Mobile-Friendly Website

    Many users indexes and crawls through mobile websites first. Google has made it very clear that it will include mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor. Thus, having a website that can adapt to multi-screen devices of any use will help improve your organic search engine ranking.

    With billions of people across the globe using their smart devices on a daily basis, optimizing your website so that it can be viewed on different screen sizes is a great way to rank higher.

    As mentioned before Google ranks pages according to user experience. Your website should be easy to read and navigate. You never know which device a user might be using!

    As people have easy access to the internet through their smartphones, the number of people accessing websites through mobiles are only going to rise in the coming years.

    Key Takeway

    By using the aforementioned steps, website owners can enhance their website performance and boost their website ranks.

    Remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day and these changes won’t just happen overnight. Ensure that you test and track every strategy and make the necessary shift according to your niche.


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