Affiliate marketing is a way to generate sales for your business by using paid affiliates who earn commissions for every customer or sales they generate for your business. Affiliate marketers work hard to generate sales for your business because they know that the more sales they generate, the more they earn in commissions.     

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies that you can employ to grow your small business. In this article, we’ll tell you all that you need to know about affiliate marketing and how you can apply it to your business. You can obtain small business loans to help you get started with affiliate marketing promotion for your business.  

    Benefits of affiliate marketing 

    • Affiliate marketing brings a constant stream of customers to a business. 
    • Affiliate marketing takes off a lot of the marketing stress and pressure from a business owner and transfers it to others.
    • Affiliate marketing is a win-win thing that helps other people to earn money while bringing customers and revenue to your business. 
    • Affiliate marketing is cost-effective means of marketing as you only pay for the results delivered to you. No money is wasted. If you don’t get any customers or sales, you don’t pay any money.
    • Affiliate marketing is a fast way to generate an army of marketers for your products. 
    • Affiliate marketing helps you to reach alternate niche customers that you wouldn’t have got on your own. For example, if you are an investment company, most of your followers would be boomers and older people interested in investment and finance. But if one of your affiliates was is a famous pop or TikTok influencer, they would help bring a lot of GenX and millennial investors.   

    How to use affiliate marketing to promote your business  

    First, you create a signup page for affiliate marketers on your website. You could make the signup process automatic or take some time out to vet each person signing up. The signup page will include fields for relevant information like full name, email address, payment details, etc.  

    After approving an affiliate marketer, you create a personalized link for each affiliate. This link is what they will share to bring in customers. As the link is clicked and a purchase is made, you recognize the affiliate marketer responsible for a sale and send them their commission. You can choose to send out commissions instantly or wait till they accumulate to a particular amount. 

    It’s best to use affiliate marketing software that automates and tracks everything for you easily. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and payment webs like Stripe also have tools that help businesses set up their affiliate marketing programs. 

    Top affiliate marketing strategies for a business  

    Repost and promote affiliate marketing user-generated content on your platforms 

    Many businesses make the mistake of ignoring affiliate marketing content made by their affiliates and only pay them money for customers brought or sales made. This is a wrong, unproductive approach to affiliate marketing. 

    As much as you can, repost content created by your affiliate marketers on social media. You can have them use specific hashtags for your products to rank and trend high on social media. This helps to boost the visibility of your brand and products. It also encourages the affiliates to do more since their effort is being seen and appreciated by you. Some customers scrolling through your social media feed are likely to believe social media posts from other people than posts from the company itself.       

    Offer free samples and limited product trials to affiliates 

    One of the best strategies to attract affiliate marketers for your products among other competing products is to offer free samples and limited trials of your products and services. This will help to fetch you a lot of people willing to try out your product and services. After trying it out for themselves, they will be more inclined to market it. Small business loans can help you afford to give your affiliates free samples.      

    Offer rewards to top affiliates 

    Offer the top affiliates rewards and several bonuses. Ensure that they are rewarded well, and you will see affiliates struggle over themselves to become the top-selling affiliate marketers for your products and services.   

    Leverage your affiliate marketers as reviewers

    Some affiliate marketers will write glowing reviews about your products and make posts highlighting the benefits of these products, and how it has helped them. Leverage these reviews and add them to the list of reviews on your website. These people have likely used your products and usually have honest reviews that will go a long way toward attracting more customers rather than the generic reviews that many consumers and customers leave behind.     

    Hire someone to oversee your affiliate marketing strategies 

    As your affiliate marketing strategy grows, it might become overwhelming at one point due to the large number of people involved and busy time due to the increased number of customers it fetches. You can hire someone to oversee the affiliate marketing aspect of your business. If you can’t hire a full-time staff, you can hire a virtual assistant on freelancing platforms. You can also obtain small business loans to hire dedicated affiliate marketing staff and expand your business fast.     

    Show solid and convincing proof of rewards on your affiliate marketing signup page 

    An excellent way to convince many affiliate marketers to market your products is to include data, metrics, and testimonies from other affiliate marketers gained from your affiliate marketing program. Explain how effective your affiliate program is and watch others join.     


    These are the ways you can use affiliate marketing to grow your small business. Each of these strategies has its advantages or benefits, it will depend on you and the type of business to apply one or the other, properly analyzing each of the options.

    Starting and incorporating some affiliates can cost a lot of money that some small businesses cannot afford. But small business loans can help with that.

    This is an article by Kelechi. He is a content writer and qualitative researcher with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Sussex. In his spare time, Kelechi enjoys reading, sports, and playing board games.  


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