Do you remember, back in 2017, when Twitter decided to double its number of characters? If you followed the trends at the time, you probably noticed that, in a year, the length of tweets did not increase. On the contrary, Twitter noticed users were using less abbreviations and being more polite.

    What does it fundamentally mean? 

    It means that, when given the chance, people would rather be agreeable.

    Twitter has the reputation of being a zoo type of social network. This is due to the fact that Twitter disregards one’s followers on the network. Indeed, the lack of hierarchy gives a voice to every and anybody.

    Obviously, this leads to a maximum of freedom of speech. But freedom of speech has two sides: 

    • the good one where people get a chance to confront theirs opinions and ;
    • the bad one where people end up insulting each other.

    Have you ever been to a family dinner? You know, the big ones, where your uncle and your grandma start debating over pork rind in a sandwich and your father messes up with his brother regarding the school’s football game 20 years ago? At times the conversation gets so heated that you tend to forget these people are actually pretty nice in real life…

    Twitter is basically a worldwide family dinner where people’s freedom of speech is limited to 280 characters.

    When it was limited to half the number of characters, people had fewer words to express their thoughts and feelings. Thus, they would turn to abbreviations and conceal greetings. This made the conversations harsher, and less agreeable.

    However, when given the choice, meaning when the number of characters doubled, users did not extend their arguments. Instead, they wrote the existing ones better. And when the tweet required further storytelling, they announced it as a thread.

    This got me wondering… If it is not to get into endless arguments, why are people using Twitter? And, most importantly, how can digital marketers make the most of it?

    Although all social networks can fulfill this function, Twitter is undeniably the best in the field. Social networks were indeed designed to ease communication between parties. However, Twitter is really the one getting the job done regarding the latest news or trends.

    Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn do spread news, especially professional ones on LinkedIn. However, these platforms’ design lacks Twitter’s malleability. They are too focused on the individual rather than the news itself. Content can easily get viral on Twitter; on the other hand, users get viral on other platforms.

    Twitter is an extremely handy tool to stay updated in fast-paced environments. This is the case of digital fields. Web development, digital marketing, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and NFTs are all fast-paced environments and they blossom on Twitter.

    The Right Place to Get Criticism

    One can’t deny it. Twitter may have tons of positive aspects about it, there is one unconcealable negative part: criticism. And when I say criticism, I do not mean constructive criticism, I mean straight on trash-talking.

    This aspect might not be specific to the digital field. However, it is a huge part of the network’s identity. Subjects often get touchy especially in politics or any social matter and Twitter becomes the appropriate battlefield.

    Obviously, as a professional your aim is not to lose yourself in pointless debates (or is it?). However, the positive part of this trash talking is: you get feedback. I mean, actual feedback. 

    The good thing about people acting like jerks is that they speak their mind. And this is incredibly beneficial for your business. Indeed, by knowing your audience’s darker sides, you can market your product or service better.

    For instance, say you find someone trash talking about X-clothing brand latest sweatshirt. They argue the sweater is not warm enough. It happens that you are selling the same type of sweatshirts. And you were about to make the same mistake: not using enough wool. Now you know what your potential customers are looking for. Thus, you can adapt your strategy. 

    Criticism does not have to be positive or constructive to be useful. You can make the most of it either way. All it takes is a different approach.

    The Right Place to Meet New People

    This one might be a little counterintuitive. I mean, why would one go on social media to meet new people?

    Jokes aside, something I find quite interesting about Twitter is how keen its users are to meet in real-life. One would expect networks like Facebook or LinkedIn to favor real-life connections. However, Twitter users, especially in professional fields, are willing to meet up.

    I don’t have an actual scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Yet, here is my opinion: people’s lives are essentially regulated by love and money. If Twitter is probably not the best place to find love online, it is however the best one to make money. 

    Not that Twitter gives you free money, of course. But it makes communication fast and easy. Thus, people tend to connect and become friends pretty rapidly. This is what I was referring to in the introduction: the lack of hierarchy gives everybody a voice. 

    Therefore, one does not have to be friends or follow another person to react to their tweet or to interact with them. Let alone the fact that it can rapidly become unmanageable, it is pretty useful to make new connections. Talking about which…

    The Right Place to Hire Talents

    Another feature which is often dismissed is Twitter is a niche for talented experts. Unlike Instagram or Facebook where each post’s design and label must be thoroughly studied, Twitter makes posting art and creations less rigorous. Thus, enabling experts in each field to share a maximum of content.

    This privilege of quantity over quality gives recruiters and viewers a broader perspective of an individual’s true competence and skills. Furthermore, users often mix up professional endeavors and personal life. Twitter acts, in a way, as a modern blogging platform.

    Not only does it enable one to evaluate an individual’s skills, it is also a great way to determine their personality and points of interest. Therefore, one can easily get a grasp of who a person is, and whether or not they would like working with them.

    Twitter is probably the best social media platform for B2B connections. It is also the place you can find The DOZ Blog’s latest news and articles. So, connect with us. We sure would like to get in touch with you! 🙂



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