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    Almost every business- small and large- ran into financial doldrums in 2020 due to the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. While a few recorded massive profits, others had to declare bankruptcy or close shot for good.

    Though there’re no absolute guarantees of what the year 2021 holds, here’re some tips to boost your business growth like a pro. As businessperson, you could easily adapt these tips to suit the nature of your enterprise and location. 

    Obviously, uncertainty continues to loom large over everyone- from ordinary citizens to the largest corporations. Therefore, these tips I’m providing take into consideration various factors that can affect businesses not only in America but also worldwide

    Hence, I encourage you to try some of these tips.

    Create a Blog for Your Business

    Creating a superb blog for your enterprise is the first and most important tip to boost your business like a pro in 2021. There’re several strong reasons why you should open a blog for your business in 2021. Here’re some main ones.

    About 80 percent of shoppers research about a business, its brand, products and services at least during the initial phase of buying, according to various studies in the US. These consumers tend to trust blogs over conventional advertising and company literature. To boost business, it’s vital nowadays to provide adequate avenues for research to prospective customers and where possible, generate leads.

    Having automated software testing tools and an independent blog for your business serves this purpose. You might also want to consider setting up a mail forwarding service for your business.

    You could also provide honest yet interesting reviews about the business and its offerings, for they help consumers consider your products and services. Blogs also help create a superb brand image for a business. If we browse the Internet, you’ll find even the largest corporations that apparently don’t need brand building exercises, running own and independent blogs.

    Offer Opportunities to Save Money

    Regardless whether you’re in Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) trade, offering opportunities to save money would definitely serve to boost your business in 2021. As I mention earlier, 2020 has been financially rough for people and companies. Hence, decision makers at households and organizations would think several times before opening their proverbial purse strings to spend.

    There’re several legit, time-tested and proven ways to help customers save money, without compromising severely on profitability of your business or undercutting competitors. One of these is making spot offers or providing a discount to first-time buyers, through email marketing or chatbots. This could help swing the buyer’s decision in favor of your business.

    Other ways to offer savings are through coupons or make lightning offers to prospective leads. At the same time, use this resource cautiously because it’s very easy to fall in that price wars trap unwittingly.

    Consider Affiliate Marketing 

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best resources you could use to boost your business growth in 2021. And if you’re already offering an affiliate program, try to increase the number of affiliate marketers by providing attractive incentives without compromising your profits. Affiliate marketing opens up several sales and marketing channels online for your business and helps it grow, if you’re now considering affiliate marketing, Builderall has one of the best affiliate marketing program.

    One of the greatest advantages of affiliate marketing lies in the way you’ve to pay commissions. You get free sales and marketing channels through blogs. Because, commissions are paid to affiliate marketers only after an order is confirmed and the returns date is past. 

    As I mention earlier, consumers have become researchers and refer to blogs before buying anything. Providing affiliate links in honest, engaging and relevant reviews helps buyers make instant decisions.

    Additionally, affiliate marketing can also be done through YouTube channels and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, among others.

    Listen to Customers

    Listening to customers is something that can boost your business growth in 2021. That’s because it helps foster customer loyalty, reduces or negates bad publicity and helps your business to innovate its offerings. There’re countless ways to listen to customers, if you’re willing to exert that extra effort in 2021.

    The first is of course through comments on your blog. The second is opening a social media page, especially on Facebook which is free or the paid version, Facebook Business. With 2.54 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a social media platform that no business can afford to neglect. Posting superb content about your business, news and views about your industry and advertising products and services while making special offers helps increase engagement with your enterprise.

    At the same time, Facebook comments provide the vital resource of helping you listen to customers. You can respond to these comments, which helps increase loyalty by giving customers that opportunity to make their voices heard. It’s also possible to respond properly and in time, to adverse comments that help damage control. 

    Open Multiple Sales Channels

    And finally, open multiple sales channels that will enable your business to reach to the highest possible number of potential customers while providing existing ones with choices. Some of the sales channels that you could consider are Facebook Marketplace for local sales and a marketplace on Shopify. Sign up as seller on Amazon and eBay among other such ecommerce websites and online stores. If you are an eCommerce owner, then chances are you have heard about Amazon brand protection and restricted/gated categories . You can sell on there, but sometimes you need Amazon’s permission to do so for specific products. Visit ungatingamazon if you are looking for help with amazon and to find out Amazon Gated Categories List and Advice.

    Though LinkedIn doesn’t allow users to sell directly from this excellent professional networking portal, it’s always possible to upload ads and content containing links to your sales channels in your posts. To do so, you’ll have to create a superb profile for your business on LinkedIn. Then also have a look at virtual office services as with those you can use a different address for your business which can be very useful. I’ve seen a few companies in the Birmingham area use and they’ve loved it so that works really well so well worth a look.

    Hire Freelancers Where Necessary

    The year 2020 saw countless professionals in almost every field lose jobs. Quite a few of these professionals are now in the freelance work market. Enlist services of such professionals that can actually help boost your business grow. There’s a vast pool of superb talent available in the freelance work market. You can provide work on project basis and set deadlines too. 

    Hiring freelancers can help trim your long payroll while getting work done more efficiently. In fact, a lot of businesses of all sizes and nature are increasingly turning to freelancers that can work effectively from home and have proven track record in their respective fields of work.

    Understandably, there would be quite a few processes in your business that require specialized skills. And that’s where hiring freelancers can prove very useful. You can get the right talent necessary to grow the business and give it a proper direction in 2021.

    In Conclusion

    The six tips above should help boost your business to grow in 2021. Here’re some amazing articles you could read to boost your business. We’re sure these articles would prove useful regardless whether you’re just launching a business or already have one up and running. As you can see, following these tips doesn’t really require a lot of extra money, which most businesses might not have or could be reluctant to spend. 

    Natasha Shetty is passionate about blogging and writing. She fondly calls it “the art of words”. She is unique and so is her content. Blogging about education and ideas to grow is something that she loves doing.  


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