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A Quick Guide to LinkedIn’s 2021 New Features, Tools, and Options

John DOZ

DSocial media is all about innovation and keeping up with the latest trends. And LinkedIn shows the lead this year with some pretty substantial changes in its features. But the thing is that although all the new options have the...

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Changes in SEO: What Your Business Needs to Focus on Today

John DOZ

Search engine optimization evolves year after year as search engines like Google continue to change and improve algorithms. Knowledge of the key ranking factors that change the way businesses optimize their websites is crucial to keeping or improving current rankings....

Marketing Resources

5 Mobile Marketing Trends this 2021

John DOZ

With the number of people choosing to shop through their phones rather than in-store, the number of smartphone users is growing by the day In fact, more than 275 million Americans own a smartphone, of which 79% have made a...

Search Engines

7 UX Principles To Apply To Your SEO Strategy

John DOZ

When talking about user experience, beginner web designers tend to focus on what’s happening on a particular web page. While this is a crucial element that should be optimized, UX strategies should focus on other things, such as your email...

Search Engines, Videos, Ebooks, Infographics

SEO Checklist: 110+ Actionable Steps To Success in 2021

John DOZ

With the pandemic still in effect, having a digital presence for your website has become essential. Creating a website has become easier thanks to the availability of many CMS platforms. However, optimizing your site for users and search engines can...

Tech & Startups

6 Tips to Boost Your Business Growth like a Pro in 2021

John DOZ

Almost every business- small and large- ran into financial doldrums in 2020 due to the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. While a few recorded massive profits, others had to declare bankruptcy or close shot for good. Though there’re no...

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