Digital marketing is a developing and growing industry that is much easier to start in than others. If you are interested in building a career in digital marketing, it is a great option as there is a lack of specialists.

    Nowadays, every business needs a strong digital marketing strategy, whether it is a tech corporation, a middle-size essay writing service where you can buy essay online, or a small eCommerce store. 

    Companies that work predominantly online are especially in need of digital marketing specialists. As a result, it is easier to get in and build a career in this industry as there is a huge demand for professionals. If you are looking into digital marketing entry-level jobs, this guide is for you.

    Benefits of Digital Marketing Career

    First of all, digital marketing is open to people with various talents. Some positions require analytical skills; others are suitable for writers that can craft a perfect essay, blog post, or newsletter. There is also a demand for graphic designers, social media specialists, and strategists. One has got a lot to choose from.

    Secondly, this industry is projected to only grow in the future. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the jobs in advertising and promotion are expected to grow by 6% from 2019 to 2029. But the exact percent depends on occupation, with marketing managers on top.

    Other benefits of this industry include:

    • Openness to hiring employees with no experience. Since the industry is changing very fast as new technologies and tools emerge, it is much easier to get into. Many entry-level positions do not require many specific skills that cannot be learned while you are already working.
    • Good pay. Overall, digital marketing offers competitive salaries with $57,260 per year on average according to Glassdoor.
    • Employees from this sphere are enjoying their work. According to the study, 78% of respondents are satisfied with their work, and job satisfaction is important.
    • It is possible to work remotely. Almost all responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist can be done online. So, there is no need to be present in the office all the time.
    • It is a creative field where one can constantly learn and grow.

    And another benefit is that the career path is often clear and it is possible to grow fast.

    Entry-Level Jobs in Digital Marketing

    Before you start looking for positions, it is important to choose the narrower field in this industry. Luckily, there are several options to consider.

    Digital Marketer/Marketing Specialist

    It is a position that requires knowing many aspects of the process. But one doesn’t have to be an in-depth expert in any of them. Usually, such positions are open in smaller companies that just started integrating their strategy. It means that a person will be dealing with many tasks and make important decisions daily.

    A junior specialist can have no experience at all or have 1-4 years of experience. It depends on the company and specific occupation. One will probably deal with website promotion via various marketing channels. The required skills are:

    • General knowledge of digital marketing and its basics (what it is and how it works).
    • Basic understanding of SEO and some skills for it.
    • Basic email and content marketing skills.
    • Experience with HTML and different CMS platforms (WordPress, Shopify, or Magento).
    • Experience with Google Analytics.
    • Knowledge of PPC platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).

    The exact responsibilities depend on the company and each particular case as it is a generalist position.

    Content Marketer

    Some divide this into two entries – strategist and creator. It means that the first one creates a content marketing strategy and the second one writes the content. But in reality, these responsibilities can be mixed quite often.

    Content marketers specialize in inbound strategies and attracting new visitors and buyers through various types of content, like blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc. They can also create videos, audio, and illustrations. Basically, they research, write, and edit all types of content for a campaign.

    This position is open for people with no experience. In most cases, all you need to have is great writing skills. You need to love writing and be able to create different texts according to requirements with a focus on the audience and message.

    One might also need an understanding of SEO basics and keyword research. Content marketing certification will not hurt either.

    SEO Specialist

    This position requires all the focus on search engine optimization. The main goal is to make a website high-ranking on platforms on Google so that people can easily find it. It sounds easy but requires more in-depth knowledge of SEO, analytics, keyword research, LTK, etc.

    The skills for this job are:

    • Excellent knowledge of SEO techniques, tools, and best practices.
    • On-page and off-Page SEO.
    • Analytical and reporting skills.
    • Copywriting.
    • Basic HTML and major CMS.

    It is also a great advantage to get a certification and have experience with website SEO performance.  

    Social Media Manager

    This is another occupation that is relatively easy to start with. Managers coordinate social media accounts of a company or individual, create content, and draft the strategy. It is highly connected with attracting new followers and often working directly with the audience.

    In an entry-level job, one will be posting all over social media. Later in a career, one will create strategies according to marketing goals and define how content aligns with them.

    Skills required:

    • Experience with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,  Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Understanding of social media advertising.
    • Knowledge of platform guidance and regulations, as well as best practices for each.
    • Basic photo and video editing skills.
    • Basic skills in analytics and content creation.

    A good way to show your expertise is by presenting the pages or accounts you’ve been working with. It can even be your personal account if it has a decent followers list.

    As a PPC specialist, you’ll be responsible for all paid promotion campaigns. Well, maybe not for all of them at entry-level, but you’ll work mostly with them.

    One needs to be good at SEM and be able to set and run different campaigns, such as:

    • search engine ads;
    • social media ads;
    • banner ads on websites.

    To apply for such a job, one has to have experience because they’ll be dealing with money.

    Required skills:

    • Knowledge and experience with PPC platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads).
    • Understanding of SEO and keyword research.
    • Experience with professional tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.
    • Analytics and data management skills.

    This sphere combines both creative and tech skills.

    Partnership Manager/Affiliate Manager

    These jobs concern all about partnerships and affiliate marketing. It requires strong communication skills and a lot of networking. The basic responsibilities might include endorsing affiliate programs and attracting new partners. Also, it might include working with influencers.

     One needs several skills to start here:

    • education connected to marketing, sales, or communication;
    • understanding of digital marketing in general;
    • writing skills;
    • strong communication skills.

    Of course, not every business has an affiliate program. But there is still a need for such professionals.

    Graphic Designer

    This type of work is not exclusive to this industry, but it is closely connected. If you have a talent and skills in the creation of unique visuals, this might be for you.

    All campaigns require someone to create charts, graphs, or illustrations. It is a creative and well-paid job that requires several skills, such as:

    • BA in Arts or graphic design;
    • experience with graphic design, impressive portfolio;
    • experience with popular software tools, like Photoshop;
    • knowledge of HTML and CSS;
    • some experience with major CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, or Magento.

    One also needs developed soft skills like communication and the ability to work in a team or separately (depends on the specific case).

    In Summary

    This industry has great prospects for entry-level specialists. It is relatively easy to get in and grow as a professional. One can start with freelancing to build up a portfolio. A good idea is also to get various related certifications like ones provided by Google or Facebook. And be ready to learn all the way!



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