Have you ever written a blog post, shared it on social networks, waited for users to read it and nothing happened apart from the few who saw your tweet?
    Then you should consider these 7 reasons why people are not reading your blog posts!


    Your title is not relevant

    There is nothing new here: titles and headings are really important. Stop for a minute and analyze your behavior when you see a blog post. Those few bold words that make a title are the reason why you decide to click through and read the article, right? The title is the first impression that you have of a blog post.
    Your titles are also what users see on social networks, on Facebook, Google + and many other platforms. You need a descriptive and catchy title so users know what they are going to read about.

    relevant title blog post

    Now when you type your blog title, make sure you would click it if you saw it. If not, you should take a few more minutes to perfect your title.

    You are not sharing your blog post at the right time

    Sharing on social networks is a great way to get traffic to your latest blog post. It is important to know how to efficiently promote your content on these platforms, and when to share your post. Each accounts can have slightly different times and schedules but the trends are more or less the same for the main social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter.

    – Facebook :

    • Best time: 6am to 8am / 2pm to 5pm
    • Worst time: 10pm to 4am

    – Twitter :

    • Best time: 1pm to 3pm
    • Worst time: 8pm to 8am

    – Google +:

    • Best time: 9am to 11am
    • Worst time: 6pm to 7am

    – LinkedIn:

    • Best time: 7am to 8.30am / 2pm to 4pm /8pm to 11pm
    • Worst time: 5pm to 7pm / 1am to 7am

    time to post social media

    Your blog does not have a pool of loyal visitors

    Do you want your blog to be well-known with loyal visitors looking forward to each of your blog posts? The best way for this to happen is to develop a relationship with your users. Answer comments, questions, thank your visitors for sharing your content on Facebook, for retweeting your tweets, etc.
    At the end of your blog posts, think of asking questions and try to get your readers to contribute with their ideas in comments. By doing so and with a little patience, you will develop a relationship and will discover your most loyal readers.

    You are only sharing news about yourself and your brand

    Readers come on blogs to learn new things, read about the news and be entertained. If you are only posting blog posts about your brand’s products and achievements, there is a lot of chance for your posts not to be read – or worst, for people to get bored and not come back again.
    Your company and the news about it are obviously interesting, and deserve to be promoted from time to time. But when readers are coming to your website and your blog for the first time, it is rarely to read about you. Usually, visitors end up on your blog after looking for an answer to their question or clicking through a tweet shared by a peer.
    If you blog only about your brand, you will never get the chance to develop loyal readers – unless they are super interested in your company!

    Your blog posts are the same

    Another reason why readers are not heading to your blog and its content is because what you are sharing is always very similar. You should keep your readers entertained with diversified content and news! You should also diversify the content you are sharing: use rich media like infographics, pictures, videos, slideshares, etc.


    Your blog post is just not interesting

    Unfortunately, it happens. Some blog posts are just boring and not interesting to read. It happens to the best of us, our content is not always as good as it should be. The solution to make sure your blog post is interesting to readers, make sure you have clear ideas written down so you know you’re going straight to the point.
    If at the end of your blog post, the reader does not learn anything or is not entertained, your post will not get shared on Facebook or Twitter.

    It is not easy to share your content

    As of 2014, we rarely see blogs without sharing buttons for social networks. Unfortunately, some bloggers focus on the design of their blogs without thinking of adding essential plugins to get their content shared easily. So make sure these are displayed before or at the end of your blog post, and think of adding a widget so your readers can subscribe to your newsletter  and receive your content directly in their mailbox!

    sharing buttons social media

    Do you have any other tips you want to share with us? What are some reasons why people do not read a blog?



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