Many in the world of technology are either in Las Vegas or have their eyes firmly focused on the desert city in Nevada. Why? Three letters: CES.

    The annual Consumer Electronics Show or CES draws some of the biggest names in new technology to Sin City each January to present their latest products, apps, and services to buyers, consumers, and the waiting world. From existing industry leaders like Samsung, Intel, and Microsoft through to two-person startups hoping to make it big, CES this year welcomes hundreds of technology firms and journalists from around the world to the four day event.

    Once an event only for industry insiders, in recent years CES has become a cultural institution all of its own. The numbers tell the story of this industry behemoth in a way that words cannot. Consider these statistics from last year’s CES:

    • More than 3600 individual exhibitors
    • More than 6500 accredited journalists
    • More than 160,000 attendees from more than 140 countries
    • More than 20,000 new products announced

    And, of course, 2015 is expected to be bigger and better.

    The Press Pitch

    To help the journalists attending CES to learn about products, apps, and services before they arrive, each exhibitor is given a chance to prepare a 30 second video press pitch. This is an opportunity for a small firm to grab the attention of the media and ensure some breathing space for their firm in the crush of the thousands competing for air in the exhibition halls.

    All of the pitches are uploaded to YouTube and, this year, CES linked them in a single playlist giving the media an easy way to review more than 130 products in about an hour. Here at DOZ we looked over all 132 of those videos – and, yes, this even included the companies that broke the rules and uploaded 7 minute bore-a-thons – and came up with 5 that we think take the best advantage of their press pitch opportunity.



    What We Liked: Storj sums up their cloud storage system in just four words: largest, cheapest, most secure. In less than 10 seconds Storj has explained the key features of their product and then they get on to the benefits: encryption, speed, and revenues for users from renting their storage to others. Simple graphics combined with a clear voiceover and a focus on the consumer make this a pitch-perfect sales pitch.


    What We Liked: This pitch gets everything right. The video is centred on the product – a cutting edge massage chair – and the background music and soft voiceover from the CEO perfectly match the ambiance you associate with a deep, relaxing massage. It’s not a greatly complicated pitch but it’s so effective in demonstrating the features and benefits of something that can otherwise only be felt that it deserves a place on our list.


    What We Liked: Wahoo gets branding exactly right. The first 20% of their 30 second press pitch is their logo with a voiceover. It’s basic but it also ensures the consumer knows who they are dealing with – and with more than 130 press pitches to peruse, it’s appreciated by journalists taking notes. The rest of the pitch shows their product in action, clearly depicts the apps and devices it supports, and then cute back to the logo and location of the Wahoo booth. Simple but very effective when there are 20,000 products competing for eyes at CES.



    What We Liked: So much of CES is about new apps and toys for the tech savvy consumers in the US and Europe. But what about products for the billion people in the world that not only don’t have an iPhone 6 but don’t even have reliable electric lighting? WakaWaka’s pitch brings these two groups together and demonstrates clearly how they can serve the first while benefiting the second with a clear, crisp 30 second pitch.

    Girl Scouts Digital Cookie

    What We Liked: Of course we like cookies – who doesn’t? But what we really like here is how the Girl Scouts have integrated the user of the technology into the pitch. This is a product that is going to be used by young girls, their troop leaders, and the adults who rely on the Girl Scouts for their Peppermint Thin fix. It’s a fun, human-filled pitch and an effective one, too.

    Honorable Mention: Stack Lighting

    Some of the press pitches strayed from the 30 second limit, usually to their own detriment. However, one of the rule breakers – Stack Lighting – makes our list for their innovative pitch.


    What We Liked: Stack Lighting is selling a smart lightbulb which is amazing, incredible…and a little boring. So instead of selling the technology, Stack Lighting sells the lifestyle that the technology enables. They have done a great job at demonstrating how their product is going to fit into your life seamlessly and help consumers spend more and better time with their family and friends. Not only have Stack Lighting literally reinvented the lightbulb, they’ve also managed to sell it to consumers in an effective and friendly manner.

    Check out the entire CES Press Pitch playlist here – is there one that should have made our list?



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