If your business’s blog is a bit subpar, sprucing it up may seem to be a monstrous task that you just don’t have time for. But improving your blog doesn’t have to be a huge chore. There are simple ways that you can improve your content and Web presence without sacrificing a lot of time and effort.

    Try the following five tips to improve your business blog and better engage your consumer base.

    1. Be consistent

    While you don’t necessarily have to post every day, consistency is critical. According to Forbes, your blog won’t even be indexed by Google until you have at least 50 posts. So if your plan was to just throw a few articles up on your website and let it be, you probably aren’t going to see a lot of success. Even if you aren’t writing long posts every day, try to post some sort of content at least a few times a week.

    2. Include media

    A long block of text isn’t going to grab the attention of your readers. Break up your content using subheadings and images to create content that is more visually appealing to your audience. Videos or graphics can also be helpful for presenting information in a way that is engaging and clear. But Entrepreneur magazine reported that it’s important to only use media as a way to enhance your message. Random pictures or graphics won’t increase the effectiveness of your blog. They’ll just be distracting.

    3. Inject personality

    Show your readers that your company is more than a profit-seeking machine by giving them a picture of who you are as an individual or individuals. While you should typically keep personal problems, political views and other awkward or divisive topics off of a company blog, you can create common ground with your audience by sharing your love of golf or talking about the Bon Jovi concert that you attended last weekend. Consumers want to know that businesses and the people who work for them are about more than just making a buck.

    4. Utilize social media

    Once you’ve created content for your blog, promote it using social media channels. Share, post and tweet it on any platforms that your company uses so that your followers are aware that you’re posting. You can also include links on company emails or newsletters that are sent out online. Putting your content on your audience’s social media feeds and in their email inboxes increases the likelihood that they’ll visit your blog.

    5. Initiate conversations

    One of the most effective ways to engage your readers is to initiate conversation. At the end of your blog post, encourage your audience to share their opinions, or present a question that readers can answer. Entrepreneur reported that reader comments on your blog posts will serve as endorsements of the site to newcomers. Don’t forget to respond to any comments to encourage greater audience participation.

    Which business blog is a daily read for you? Who is doing business blogging better than anyone else? Let us know on Twitter!



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