It’s nearly impossible to ignore the presence of smart phones and tablets in today’s society. Mobile devices have consumed our world, providing instant content and allowing us to easily access information from almost anywhere- whether users are commuting to work, waiting in line for lunch, or taking a quick break to check Twitter.

    Today, marketers need to be advantageous of this evolving mobile landscape. Mobile marketing has the ability to reach a large amount of your current audience, as well as many potential customers. To do so, however, you must ensure that your mobile marketing methods are effective and up to date.

    Here are a few tips to consider when improving your mobile marketing strategy:

    1. Keep the time in mind

    It’s important to keep all tweets, status updates and emails relevant to what’s going on in your target consumer’s life at that given moment. The Huffington Post reported that special online offers such as coupons and discounts should correlate with the time of day and season the offer is being sent out. For example, an email advertising a discount on umbrellas isn’t going to strike much interest during a drought. However, tweeting about an offer for free coffee at 7 a.m. could drive a lot of traffic.

    2. Mobilize content

    Just because your content is accessible through a mobile device doesn’t mean it’s necessarily phone friendly. Many companies often struggle with compatibility, specifically through email. According to Forbes magazine, 48 percent of emails are opened on smartphones today, but only 11 percent of marketers produce emails that are optimized for mobile. Consumers want content that’s fitted properly to their screen and in an appropriate type size.

    3. Get to the point

    One reason why mobile devices are so popular today is because of their quick and easy convenience. This means that mobile content should be short and sweet as well. suggested marketers keep content brief, considering the screen size that people are reading it on and the environment they’re reading it in. Consumers prefer content that’s short and easily digestible, as opposed to lengthy pieces that require maximum concentration.

    4. Be responsive

    Consumers use their tablets and phones for much more than just scrolling through Facebook and checking emails. reported that 4 in 5 smartphone owners have used their devices to shop and make purchases. Because of this, it’s imperative that companies have a mobile-friendly site to create a more efficient shopping experience for their customers.

    5. Make it shareable

    Social media provides plenty of opportunities for marketers to effectively reach consumers. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of social media is to simply make your content shareable. Inc. Magazine suggested marketers include icons that represent sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing readers to easily share content with friends and followers.

    Whatever your business, an improved mobile marketing strategy can positively affect your company and potentially attract new customers. Be sure to make note of these tips as you develop your content.

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