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Infographic: Building an Icon


A perfect advertising campaign needs the perfect pitchman or pitchwoman…or maybe pitch-icon?

Of the last century some of the most familiar faces in advertising are not people selling but instead are icons. These animated characters, happy and colorful, friendly and funny, have been pitching their products to us for decades. Many have entered the popular culture and are as familiar to generations of consumers as their own families.

But behind every one of those icons is a story and, in the infographic below, some of those stories are revealed. For example:

  • Do you know why the Michelin Man and his body composed of car tires is white when tires are usually black?
  • Can you name the advertising icon that is represented in a 55-foot tall statue that attracts thousands of visitors annually?
  • Did you know the famous Kool-Aid Man didn’t start pitching the drink until it had been on the market for more than 30 years?

Read more about these and more advertising icons below.

Building an Icon

Advertising Characters Through the Ages



H/T: BestMarketingDegrees.org

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