Conversion rate is a vital metric that marketers should always consider when setting up their campaigns as it records the number of audiences who do their desired action. These actions could include sales, subscriptions, app downloads, or in-app purchases. It can also be a great way to forecast your return on investment. However, optimizing your conversion requires a lot of effort and translations at some point, especially when you are targeting multilingual customers.

    Read on to know about the best ways to increase your conversion rate in digital marketing platforms.

    Get professional translation services to extend your target reach

    Before you set the right marketing platform and identify your conversion funnel, you should equip yourself with language solutions considering that you’re targeting multilingual audiences. Even if you can create great content and email campaigns, it would be useless if your readers do not understand them due to the language barrier.

    So, getting professional translation services with expertise in multilingual digital marketing would be an ideal solution. They can offer language solutions for websites, content, emails, and even social media posts. You just have to make sure that the translators you’ll hire have enough experience in your niche and the languages you want to target.

    Some marketers also consider using translation tools, but this is not advisable as the constant translation and grammatical errors may just harm your brand’s image. These tools are only helpful if you have professional translators with post-translation editing skills in the language used.

    Know how your digital marketing platform works

    First, it is crucial to know about the digital marketing platform you use and how it works. Platforms are a great way to connect your business or technological capabilities conveniently. In fact, the majority of consumers say that they prefer the availing of items through social channels. So, you must understand its users’ behaviors and the algorithm that you need to consider to gain more traffic and increase your conversion rates.

    Here are some of the widely-used digital marketing platforms that drive more conversions for businesses:

    Social media marketing platforms

    People worldwide spend most of their free time browsing through social media accounts which makes these platforms effective for marketing. They are great for building awareness of the brand and improving your interactions with potential customers, thus increasing the probability of conversions. 

    Depending on the social media platforms you choose, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.), the algorithms you need to follow may differ as user behaviors vary. 

    Content marketing

    Besides that, content marketing is also a great way to connect with your target audiences and answer their queries. However, it is essential to note the proper content funnel to build your brand awareness better and get more conversions. Moreover, when marketing to multilingual audiences, it is ideal for getting professional translation services for your content.

    Email marketing

    About 60% of consumers say that email marketing plays a significant role in their digital purchases. It is enough to prove how effective emails can be when done right. This adds up different factors that consumers are looking for, such as communication, content, solutions, exclusive offers, and personalization. This is also an excellent platform for b2b companies.

    SEO marketing

    Content and SEO marketing go hand in hand when it comes to its processes and purpose. If you want your customer to discover the product or services you offer, you should aim to take your pages at the top of the search results. It is possible through intelligent search engine optimization and well-written, optimized content.

    Moreover, you should consider the type of industry you’re working with when choosing the right platform. Make sure to be as responsive as possible no matter the platform you use to make your customers feel like you care for them. Telemarketing conversion rates actually hold a 30-50% success rate in customer service.

    Understand your conversion funnel

    After you identify the right digital marketing platform to use, it is ideal to understand your conversion funnel. This is to set the plans you need to take to convert your traffic into sales. You can’t expect your business to grow overnight, and it requires a long process of building awareness to converting your traffic to sales.

    When building a conversion funnel, you’ll usually see an image of a funnel that describes the stages that you should follow. Here is how to identify them:


    In this stage, marketers should focus on building awareness for their brand. It includes all the steps and platforms that can help you reach more audiences, such as PPC campaigns, social media posts, and organic reach through blogs and website posts. 


    After building awareness and making your audiences know that your brand exists, it is now time to pique their interest in your products. This is usually done by creating content and product overviews to give them in-depth information about the product or services you offer. Besides that, some marketers offer downloadable resources such as marketing plans or spreadsheets, infographics, and graphs requiring emails and contact info to generate leads.


    The next step would be to make your customers even more interested in your business. Show them why they need your products or services through compelling copywriting in email autoresponder series and drip campaigns. About 72% of consumers prefer email as their primary platform for business communication.


    The last thing that marketers should do is take action, which should be the primary goal of your funnel. This step focuses more on making them complete a purchase without any problems and satisfy them with your quality products or services.

    Communicate the value of your products or services

    Communication is the key to building relationships and completing transactions successfully. If you want your customers to choose your products, you must stress the value of your brand in every copy. 

    When advertising your brand on your website, you should create a product or service page with complete details that your customers would want to know. For example, if you’re going to sell the eco-friendliness of your company, make sure that it is stressed on your home page, landing page, articles, and you can even create a separate page about this.

    Make them understand that your primary goal is to help them and that availing your brand is the best choice that they’ll make in their life.

    Learn how you can increase trust

    The last thing that you should know is how to increase the trust and value of your customers in your brand. It is hard for people, especially international customers, to trust companies right away, especially if they are still not popular. Thus, you should make your marketing platforms as transparent as possible and let your customer’s reviews speak for your integrity.

    Post great feedback about your products and services on your marketing platforms, such as social media accounts and websites. You can make it like you’re only showing gratitude with the positive reviews or blatantly announce how well your previous customers perceive your brand.

    Start multilingual marketing now!

    Multilingual is never an easy road, but with proper planning and great help from talented copywriters and reliable translation services, nothing is impossible. Just make sure to follow the steps mentioned above and communicate the value of your brand to your customers, and you’ll surely succeed in your business.

    Ofer Tirosh is the CEO of Tomedes, a professional translation services offering expertise in 120 languages. His aim is to help marketers by sharing informative content about his experiences in digital marketing. 



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