Digital Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Digital marketing is one field that is in constant flux.

From one day to another techniques, tactics, and strategies change, and getting through to the customer has never been harder…or easier.

Why the paradox? How can something be both hard and easy at the same time?

Well quite simply, a good digital marketer who is on top of their game, understands the trends in the field, and is ready to help their clients move forward is going to find their marketing efforts rewarded. That’s the easy side of the equation.

But if you are behind, if you aren’t sure how things are changing, and if you don’t know your YouTube from your Facebook, you’re going to have a very bad time.

Getting informed can be a tough job, but we’re going to make it a little easier with today’s post. Read on to see the 30 statistics about digital marketing that you need to make the good decisions, set the good strategy, and make sure your business is on the ‘easy’ side of the digital marketing paradox.

Essential digital marketing statistics

If you are a Marketer, you might be wondering if your own results are in the average. What is a good open rate? How blog’s pages are indexed? What is good post length? How many shares, tweets or likes should I except?

This infographic from Optimind gives us some important statistics about digital marketing.

Marketers may want to use them to improve their digital marketing strategy.


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