Today DOZ is proud to launch our latest eBook – The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging.

    Whether you are an individual looking to launch a personal blog or a small business getting into content creation and content marketing, this eBook will take you through the process of getting up and running, and help you to develop the sort of blog posts that win you the audience you deserve.

    A Guide to Blogging in Four Parts

    Our blogging eBook is divided into four parts, each of which represents a step in the process of developing a winning blog.

    In part one we take you through the process of developing your niche. Sure, you could blog about anything and everything. But building a loyal audience means, in part, letting people know what they can expect from your blog. By identifying a niche and writing within that niche you’ll have a chance to develop a loyal following of similarly interested readers.

    Not sure what blogging niche to choose? Don’t panic: we’ve got you covered with our 30 minute guide to developing a niche based on your passion, knowledge, expertise, and motivations.

    In part two we talk about the software side of things and help you choose the best blogging platform for your needs and budget. There are both hosted and self-hosted options out there, and choosing the right one is essential for getting your blog off on the right foot.

    This part of the eBook looks at different options for hosted and self-hosted blogging, with everything from entirely free through to complicated and expensive installs under our eye. We’ve go deeper when it comes to ten of the best known platforms, and don’t leave you in the dark as to which we prefer – and why.

    Part three of the eBook assumes you have worked through the first two parts, or already know what you’re writing about and where. In this part of the eBook we examine how to create the perfect post. It’s a combination of advice on blogging and formatting, the use of images and multimedia, as well as search engine optimization strategies that can help your blog take off on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

    Finally, in part four of the eBook, we explain how to take your blog posts to the social networks. Social media and social sharing drive an increasing amount of blog traffic and its important you understand, support, and empower your readers to share your posts on social networks.

    This part of the eBook takes you through the entire social sharing process, from how and where to use social sharing buttons on your site through to how to optimize your blogging for social sharing. We discuss calls to action and how even simple acts like asking for a post to be tweeted or shared on Facebook can help build an audience for your blogging.

    A Blogging eBook for Beginner and Intermediate Bloggers

    There are really two audiences for the eBook.

    The first is the beginner – whether and individual or a business – that wants to get started blogging. The eBook is detailed enough to walk the beginner reader through all the steps required to get a blog up and running, but without the jargon that might confuse or discourage. The practical focus of the book and the clear recommendations as to direction and strategy mean that even a beginner can turn their idea into a winning strategy with ease.

    The second audience is the intermediate blogger that has their blog set-up and working, but is unhappy with the results of their blogging. Maybe the audience hasn’t appeared just yet, or perhaps the ranking on Google is not where it needs to be. It could even be that, despite best efforts, their blogging hasn’t managed to get the traction it deserves on social media. This blogger will benefit from the advice in the eBook, especially in the last two chapters.

    Get Your Copy

    The eBook, The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, is available for free. To get your copy simply enter your email in the box below and proceed to the download page.


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