How To Build A High Converting Landing Page ?

Anatomy of a high converting landing page

In a previous article concerning landing pages, we dealt with landing page optimization and improvement of conversion. This article helped you to understand how a landing page works, and what impact it might have when optimized. Now, we can go a bit further and see how to set up your content in your landing pages.

To build a landing page which converts, you must put yourself in internet user’s eyes to discover his needs. You will learn three things about internet users wishes :

  • To access a content easily understanding (clear headline and clear descriptions)
  • To discover a page where all the main actions are quickly noticeable (play a video, buy a product)
  • To have a human contact to reassure they selves (like opinions, testimonials)

This infografic from Quick Sprout gives you some tricks to build a high converting landing page.


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