You may have heard of growth hacking. This particular kind of online marketing technique consists in combining marketing strategies and engineering skills to improve websites’ growth.
    Did you know some of the most popular websites owe their fame to growth hacking?


    Paypal used a smart system based on cashback to rise its number of users. They paid $10 to each user who referred a new user (also rewarded by $10). Thanks to this win-win deal, Paypal quickly reached ten millions users.


    Hotmail might have found the most viral technique to growth hack its number of users. By adding these sentences to each email signatures: “This email sent with Hotmail, Join Hotmail now” and “Get your free email at Hotmail” they easily spread they brand across the world and through the emailing industry.


    This famous website encountered some difficulties to get visibility and to growth its user base. They decided to post their listing on Craigslist. Thanks to these listings, their numbers increased through backlinks to Airbnb’s website. Airbnb analyzed Craigslist forms to build their own, which worked.

    To know more about growth hacking and growth hackers you can read our latest post where we explain in details the characteristics of growth hackers. Here is an infographic from CoSchedule which shows you all these characteristics.




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