Ready. Aim. Fire.

Identify your targets and hit them. Every time.

Set Objectives

Your campaign, your way

Launch the most common marketing tasks with a click and build custom tasks to assign to your team with ease. Streamline your approval processes and allow trusted team members to launch, review, approve, and publish painlessly.

Stay Focused

Hit your targets every time

Identify your audience, choose your publishing platform, and deploy the most effective digital campaigns in just seconds. DOZ's global reach allows you to market in 15 countries, and its local focus means that commuincating your message effectively is easy. Whether you are focussing on teenagers in Tennessee or the newly retired in The Netherlands, DOZ can help you reach out and touch the right people.

Campaign Brief

Ready for launch

Explain what's important to you, what your audience needs to hear, and how you want to communicate your message. Then let DOZ experts go to work bringing your vision into reality. The campaign brief is the launchpad for your marketing success.

Customer Personas

Know who you're talking to

Are you selling to C-suite executives with a passion for productivity? Or to a midwest Mom who values family time above all else? Once you describe your protypical customer you can target those customers more effectively, and our experts can tailor their content to reach the people you need to connect with.

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