As you know, quality content is the best way to improve your website’s ranking and SERPs. It is also true for links. In today’s post, we’ll explain why you should start focusing on link earning rather than traditional link building.

    What is link earning?

    Link building used to be one of the best SEO practice to increase your number of backlinks. The main problem is link building is focusing on quantity rather than quality.

    On the other hand, link earning is the quality part of a netlinking strategy. Introduced by Danny Sullivan, this concept highlights netlinking strategies based on quality links. Link earning means creating links so interesting and engaging that visitors will naturally share them. At a time where social media is becoming an important part of online marketing strategy, the fact that visitors are willing to share links on social media is a big advantage to take into account. Moreover, these visitors can also share these links to other websites, and contribute to your SEO strategy.

    This infographic from MySiteAuditor compares link building to link earning and shows us that the more your links are interesting the more naturally they will be shared.



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    1. This makes a bit of sense, but gues what… Google already knows you are trying to trick it and knows when you post uncredited PR;Press;News;social content… It need to be organic! ex. Someone goes to a page and likes it. Now, how did they go to your page? Google ads!! How else???

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