27 African-Americans You Should Follow on Twitter


All this week on The DOZ Blog we’ve been recognizing Black History Month. We’ve profiled a leading black voice in social media marketing, Sean Gardner, we’ve looked at ways in which marketing can be tailored to African-American audiences, and we’ve taken a retrospective look at eight startups that got national recognition when they headlined CNN’s Black in America documentary, The New Promised Land.

Today we complete our week of posts with a taste of the zeitgeist ripped straight from the most immediate of social media channels, Twitter.

At DOZ, and despite the recent waves rushing through the C-suite, we’re big fans of Twitter.

We use the social network to connect, to engage, to learn and, yes, to waste time – though this is rare, OK boss? When news breaks it’s Twitter we turn to to get live pictures and reactions from people on the ground, and whether we’re second screening Gray’s Anatomy in San Francisco or catching a Sunday night soccer match in France, Twitter is the perfect companion to keep us in the loop.

So popular has the platform become that it offers not only breaking news, sports play-by-plays, and chances to see what Shonda Rhimes has in store for viewers each week, it also offers a true taste of the cultural zeitgeist. If it’s happening and it’s important, it’s happening and probably trending on Twitter. And if you follow the right people you’ll not only get a feel for that zeitgeist, you’ll be a part of it.

Which leaves most people with one important question: who are the right people to follow?

While it’s not unusual to follow hundreds of people on Twitter and, using lists and muting those accounts that just don’t know when to stop tweeting, controlling those feeds and corralling them into something manageable is easier than ever, we thought we’d give you some accounts to follow to clue you in to black America. These aren’t necessarily the accounts that have the most followers, nor are they necessarily the people who alone define black culture in the United States. And, no, they are not necessarily representative of the incredibly popular and often times hilarious Black Twitter sub-culture.

But all are accounts that offer real value, all are leaders in their fields, and all represent some of the most interesting content creators, leaders, celebrities, politicians, sports stars, marketers and technology geeks in black America.

We’ve divided the accounts into five broad groups. Politics is just what it sounds like: the national political leaders who set the stage for the rest of the country. Celebrities includes both entertainers and savvy business people who have made their mark on the world of TV and film. Internet, Technology, and Marketing captures the accounts of those who rose to prominence through their marketing, blogs, leadership online, and in the startup world. Sports gives us a chance to highlight some of the high profile Twitter accounts of African-American sports stars, while Business captures some of the most inspirational leaders from the world of business, finance, and publishing.

We’ve added a representative tweet under each account to give you a taste of what you’ll find in their Twitter stream, and you can follow the user just by clicking on the embedded tweet.

So, without further ado, here is our list of 27 African-Americans you should follow on Twitter.


Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

Mia Love

Ben Carson

Cory Booker



The Rock

Oprah Winfrey


Shonda Rhimes


Internet, Technology and Marketing

King Bach


Sean Gardner

Kimberly Bryant

B. Bonin Bough

Mike Street

Elon James White



Serena Williams

Max Siegel


Farrah Gray

Reg Saddler

Adria Richards

Melinda Emerson

Tracy Clayton

Alfred Edmond Jr.

Wayne Sutton

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