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    It has now become an accepted fact that social media marketing is quintessential for business success! Being a part of social media is no longer a choice, it is about how you magnify your online social presence and blanket your target audience. The rules of social media marketing are evolving with each passing day. In order to be at the top of the game, a brand needs to focus on its social strategy, well-defined branding goals and marketing communication.

    These four tricks can help your SMM campaign find success!

    Have a complete understanding of your target audience 

    It is absolutely crucial to know about your target audience, their likes-dislikes, tastes and preferences. For ensuring higher level of engagement, an overall psychographic and demographic impression is crucial so that you know how to conceive your business message without being tagged as the bragger of obsessed with the ‘selling’ syndrome!

    Social media marketing is about creating real relationships

    When you are hitting the top preferred social channels which are the hanging out zones of your social circle, you need to create real rapport. Be a patient listener and do not just go about making your point to be noted. Being socially active is the key and it means you converse, discuss, be receptive to feedback and suggestions- so your real-time response matters in making or breaking the image of your brand. 

    Offer value, less of farce or self-proclamations 

    Social media marketing is about offering value and it must be in tune with what your target audience would love to know, are curious about, topics on which they are showing interest. In other words, offer something useful in the new cool when you are dealing with the happening 21st century media, that is social media! Figure out your brand’s voice, cling to it and create a buzzing, social, congenial environment.

    Form a good content strategy 

    ‘Content is King’, this saying goes out loud and clear in social media marketing campaigns, also! You need to promote your products and services that is definitely your mission, but the way you plan things for pulling traffic, having optimum level of brand exposure, should be a part of your campaign and notthe campaign, itself. Bank on real engagement; fret less about reach and frequency which were major parameters for tracking business in the traditional form of advertising. Content trends proclaim that while videos as a part of marketing strategy takes away the cake, it is followed by visuals, blogging, live videos and podcasting! 

    Like you cannot have everything as your wardrobe staple, it depends on your figure, dressing sense and fashion insights as to what will find place in your wardrobe, your business is no different! Get one with the thematic essence of your brand, derive your brand personality and once you have the basic and succinct knowledge about the various platforms and their usability with the picture of your brand image on mind, then you can derive the right business juice from the social channels. Take a look: 

    1. Fantabulous Facebook-“Is staying connected worth for your business show?”

    From being the everyday platform flooding with likes, shares, comments, sharing of various posts, this has become the second web that people browse to derive information about what is happening around the globe. The overwhelming popularity of Facebook is not going to die out soon and businesses, no matter, which industry it belongs to, resort to Facebook promotion as the stepping stone of social media marketing success. 

    2. YouTube- “Can this ever-popular video marketing platform do your business some good?”

    Videos is one of the best visual and aural media that create instant connectivity with people and YouTube has elevated to the status of being the second most coveted search engine that the world is going gaga over! So let your brand go viral with effective video marketing.

    3. Twitter- “ Have you yet realized the power of hashtags and re-tweeting?”

    The game is about being ‘on’, it is like holding on to the moment before it lapses and the shelf-life of a tweet is believed to be about 18 minutes until it is being re-tweeted. Offer a mixed bag of sales pitches, discounts or product launch news interspersed with thought-proving anecdotes or share something light, quirky on funny about your domain, to play it right! 

    4. LinkedIn- “ The strictly professional social channel- have you discovered how beneficial it can be for your business?

    The dais for professionals to discuss, interact belonging to similar industries with like-minded individuals. Your motto would be to earn business recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. In social media, the 3R’s, reviews, ratings and recommendation go a long way in cementing the credibility of your brand.

    5. Instagram- “Folks, followers and influencers in Instagram… are they happening for your brand”

    The all-clean, picture-perfect world with aptly done photos and videos creating a buzz, helping in creating aspirations. Make your target audience think, inspire and aspire with effective Instagram marketing of your brand. Let the marketing pros do magic with content, tools, new algorithm updates and more! Tap the flow of influencer marketing business.

    6. Pinterest- “Did you ‘pin it’ right for your business?”

    It goes out loud and clear that this social channel is for retail sites with its higher female fans and it is home décor, food, fashion and beauty industry that can make the most of this social platform. An apt visually stunning medium that can connect and hook many with its varied pinboards! 

    7. Google+: “May be the best hangout zone you can make your business to tread on..are you on it?”

    This is one of the best social channels where your SEO and SMM efforts can prove effective.Learn how to explore the potential of Google+ communities, hashtags and offer your target customers better search experience with effective optimization. 

    So let the social media marketing pros offer a great social makeover to your business while you successfully create, build and sustain your brand image after earning optimum level of exposure in your targeted niche! 


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