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Four Things Donald Trump Can Teach You About Twitter

Dylan Kissane

It’s a Twitter takeover. That’s how Politico described how presidential candidate Donald Trump’s use of the social network that excels in real-time and breaking news. With more followers and consequentially a social megaphone that is far larger than anything his...

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Silicon Valley and the 2016 Presidential Election

Dylan Kissane

All this week on The DOZ Blog we’re looking at the US presidential race. Whether it’s the marketing, the social media, the branding, or the impact of the technology sector, we’re diving deep into the campaign and identifying lessons for...

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Who Has the Best Super Tuesday Campaign Spots?

Dylan Kissane

It’s Tuesday, but not just an ordinary Tuesday. It’s Super Tuesday. For the uninitiated, Super Tuesday is not the secret identity of regular old Clark Kent Tuesday. Instead, Super Tuesday is the day in the US presidential nomination race where...

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