Security & Quality

You Can Trust That Our Services Are Secure

Vetted Marketing Experts

All our marketers are vetted to ensure the highest quality.

Social Proof

All experts are required to provide proof of work history via LinkedIn. This data verifies expert skill and expertise, as well as education and industry knowledge.

Internal Checks

The DOZ platform ensures that experts are matched to the right campaigns based on key profile indicators. As experts gain more experience, they unlock access to higher value tasks.

Peer Review

All work completed on DOZ must be verified by a peer reviewer before being validated. Peer review happens in "blind mode" to guarantee neutrality.

Secure Platform

You can trust that our services are secure.

Secure Payment

Pay securely online for all services on DOZ. We handle the payment of our experts, so you don't have to worry about the how or when.

Client Satisfaction

We believe in providing the highest quality work. If for some reason you are unsatisfied, please let us know. We aim for every campaign to delight.

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