[Infographic] Email Marketing is Evolving

Email marketing.

Yes, it can be annoying. And yes, it can even be spammy. And yes again, a lot of it gets deleted without ever being read.

But a lot of email marketing also gets through the customer. Indeed, an effective email marketing effort is one of the most cost-effective, high-conversion, and high-return strategies available in the digital marketer’s arsenal of tools and tactics.

But how do you make sure that your email is one of the emails that doesn’t go straight to the spam folder?

And how do you make sure that your email is not only opened but also read, clicked, and sending people to your site for more?

How do you balance information and entertainment, and do all of it on the increasingly small smartphone screens where people digest their email today?

In this post and in the infographic from Kissmetrics below we explain exactly how to maximize your chances to reach out, convince, and convert customers and clients using nothing more advanced than great copywriting, well chosen graphics, and an email structure that fits with the evolving trends in email marketing.

Ready to succeed in your inbox outreach? Read on.

Email Marketing: Talking Triggers and Moving Mobile

Email marketing is changing, now marketers have to revise their strategies. Optimize triggered emails is one of the best way to improve open rates. This optimization can emerge thanks to marketing automation tools.

Smartphone popularity is also to take into account. People are used to check their inbox on their smartphone, and powerful formatted mobile email can help marketers to reduce unsubscribing rate.

This Kissmetrics infographic gives some useful information which can help you to improve your email marketing strategy.


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One thought on “[Infographic] Email Marketing is Evolving
  1. Laura Watson

    As we all know, the mobile technology has acquired a great change in our life. Today a large portion of the us are using the internet through mobile, smart phones, tablets and other compact gadgets. So it has become exceptionally fundamental for email marketers to focus on creating mobile friendly, responsive email campaigns to gain better results.


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