Marketing automation.

    It’s one of the most exciting trends in marketing, whether traditional or digital, online or in-person, and understanding how it will affect your business is going to be key to making cost-effective marketing decisions in the years ahead.

    At its core, marketing automation is about letting the technology work for you instead of you working for the technology. If you plan ahead, think through your strategies, and think about how your customers will respond, there are plenty of ways that you can automate the marketing process to the advantage of your firm.

    Emails? You don’t need to answer every email yourself, nor do you need to personalize every email by hand.

    Social media? You don’t need to be at your desk at 2pm Eastern time in order to tweet or post at that time.

    There are plenty of ways in which you can automate your marketing efforts, saving money and time and connecting more effectively with your customers on all of your marketing channels. Want to take advantage of this new trend in the marketing sphere? Good – read on.

    Advantages of Marketing Automation

    Many marketers give overwhelming support to Marketing Automation because it helps companies to earn time and money, and consequently, to improve ROI. Marketo highlights Marketing Automation capabilities, and explains how it differs from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ESP (Email Service Providers).

    Pursue this infographic, and see how easy it is to spread your content marketing thanks to marketing automation.



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