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How Can a Robust Online Marketing Database Facilitate Automation of Digital Marketing?

Ariya Stark

This is an article by Ariya Stark. She is a renowned database expert. Her work revolves around optimizing databases for automation of marketing processes.  Several businesses are thriving in digital marketing. Even though it is highly effective, the ROI can...

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What’s Good (and Bad) About Marketing Automation

Dylan Kissane

Missed our post on best practices for social media automation yesterday? Catch up here. Much has been discussed on the topic of marketing automation, with conflicting conclusions on its capabilities as an effective and reliable tool for successful lead management....

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[Infographic] Marketing Automation Is Here

Ben Issa

Marketing automation. It’s one of the most exciting trends in marketing, whether traditional or digital, online or in-person, and understanding how it will affect your business is going to be key to making cost-effective marketing decisions in the years ahead....

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Lead Generation + Social Media = Success

Ben Issa

Online marketing is not just about putting out content and hoping that people like it. Whether on a business website, on a social network, or on another content sharing site, the goal of marketing is not simply to entertain and...

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