Online marketing is not just about putting out content and hoping that people like it. Whether on a business website, on a social network, or on another content sharing site, the goal of marketing is not simply to entertain and inform, but also to bring in new customers for the business.

    This generation of contacts, clients, and future customers is called lead generation, and social media is quickly becoming one of the most effective channels for lead generation that businesses with a digital strategy have.

    Lead Generation on Facebook? Really?

    Yes, really.

    The reason that lead generation works so well on social media is because that is where your future customers and clients are spending their time. It’s also a place where the user base is open to being courted: if the content is interesting, entertaining, relevant, and shareable you can count on it being passed from friend to friend, automatically expanding your reach.

    What’s more, it’s well known that the recommendations of friends and family members drives significant traffic to and interest in a business. Even with the proliferation of comparison and review sites online in recent years a recommendation from a friend or family member is still far more effective at generating new business than a 5-star review on Yelp.

    And where do those recommendations happen? Not on your website, but on social media.

    Infographic: Lead Generation and Social Media

    Finding lead generation has always been one of the main marketers’ goals. This Marketo ebook gives tips to use social media to identify lead generation. This ebook is a full-fledged guideline for marketers strategies.


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