External linking to your e-commerce site is among the most important factors for its successful promotion. It affects the positioning of your website in search engines by allowing you to quickly and efficiently rank it higher on Google search results.

    A few years ago, it was believed that the more external links, the better. Over time, this approach lost its value. Moreover, search engines have launched algorithms that limit the ranking of sites with links massively purchased on exchanges. Nowadays, the principle “less is more” has become a priority for the positioning of e-commerce sites.

    Getting links of high quality is not an easy process and it requires large-scale efforts. However, there are some great techniques available — you can use them to achieve your sales goals. In this article, we have summed up 15 ways that will help you get relevant and high-quality links for any e-commerce site.

    Let’s take a look at what can be done.

    #1 Make shopping experience of your customers unique

    Normally, e-commerce sites follow standard shopping rules and procedures. But you can diversify those rules by offering a special discount for the first order or free shipping. It will encourage happy customers to return to your website, recommend it within their circles of friends and acquaintances, or link to your store.

    #2 Use reciprocal link building

    Search for and contact other relevant websites by email or live chat, offering them to exchange permalinks to websites. Before making such an offer, think carefully since relevant content is just one factor to consider. Be sure to evaluate such a site based on its ranking and current links to websites.

    #3 Keep a blog

    Maintaining a company blog is another beneficial tool for your link building strategy. Through your blog, you can regularly provide fresh content, and thus encourage the interaction of readers and customers across the web. This is what this company did by creating its own blog on photo manipulation and it was very successful in doing so. Moreover, a blog can earn listings and backlinks from other blogs for your site. You can also incorporate sites like https://thisisstory.com because it will entice your potential customers to keep on going to your site because of how fun and addictive online casino games can be.

    For example, you can use the free Blogger service from Google. It offers the possibility to post a “dofollow” link to your site. Whatever the platform you choose, your blog should be filled with unique and interesting content — do not copy the same articles to all blogs.

    #4 Launch micro-sites

    Micro-sites are small sites with a narrow thematic focus. Their content should clearly correspond to your niche, and they should link to your main site as the most important and authoritative source. By creating small but high-quality sites, you become more visible, as well as raise the relevance  and authority of your main site.

    #5 Create a social media presence

    Search engines perfectly perceive linking to sites from social networks. Place a post about your website in a Facebook group, for example. If it is popular, your content can evoke  interest, and your ability to create links will increase exponentially.

    #6 Find the most searched terms for your e-commerce project

    Invest in  regular research to find the key words that are the best match for your website to keep your keyword strategy updated, and to expand your SEO capabilities as well. There are many great tools for finding keywords related to e-commerce products, e.g. Google Ads Keyword Planner

    Think about the words that your potential visitors will use in search queries to find your content. Utilize the keywords to optimize your headings, body content, URL, etc. All that will improve your chances of getting inbound links.

    #7 Revise content of your website

    Revise content on your website so that it is relevant and of high quality. Provide some infographics, e.g. graphs, charts, drawings, etc. With its help, you can clearly convey information to your audience and increase the conversion of your web resource.

    Content can also be improved by adding relevant images and videos. It turns out that many people find articles and blog posts containing visual materials to be more engaging  than ones with just plain  text. To optimize your content, you can also use article distribution services, like LinksManagement, that will get you amazing results and save your time and efforts considerably.

    #8 Don’t forget about forums (crowd marketing)

    You need to find forums suitable for your niche. Register and leave comments by adding links. This promotion option is one of the most accessible and effortless  for link building.

    #9 Guest comments in articles and publications

    A lot of online media have a Blog section. This is a modernized analog of “author columns” and “letters from readers” in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, there  is a variety of resources to choose from.

    To post your publication, all you need to do is to log in, write, and upload quality content, format and enter the necessary links, and then publish. Make sure you have a ready-made list of popular sites for that purpose.

    #10 Get your site mentioned on review sites

    Reviews form an opinion of your existing or potential audience. Therefore, you should not overlook this effective way of e-commerce promotion. Competent work with such resources begins with the proper designing of your profile — indicate your contact information, add a description, and a photo. Next, you need to develop a strategy for posting opinions on your product.

    #11 Publish online press releases

    Whether you want to announce a new website for the whole world or create hype around your products and services, online press releases can help you to obtain new web promotion opportunities. By distributing them to online news services and news search engines such as Google, you will receive inbound links from various quality sources. Archived press releases also have long-term potential for link building.

    #12 Get your site listed on directories

    Directories are very effective ways of not only getting backlinks but also good rankings in search engines. It is necessary to conduct a thorough search of the appropriate directories and add them to the content plan.

    To place links to your website, simply register by indicating the subject, brief description, and address. Sometimes, verification and the very listing take some time until the moderator checks all the provided data.

    #13 Use employment websites

    Numerous businesses place their vacancies on sites for job searches. Use the opportunity to get additional indexing links that will strengthen your link profile. Job seekers often follow web-references directly from the job posting text or company profile to learn more about their potential employer. Thus, the search engine will consider such links as natural and useful for people.

    #14 Provide online coupons

    This option is not for all companies but only for those that are ready to receive references and arrange promotions to sell their services or products at a good discount. If you, nevertheless, decide for such a method and launch your promotion, you will have great links from a non-spam trusted site, also there are options like bets for doing good money in sites like 메리트카지노 online, which offer a great variety of bets to earn some good money.

    #15 Link to the sites of your business partners

    You can also place links on the websites of your manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. As a result, you will collect many references, but you need to approach this method wisely. Negotiate this option with a marketing manager who also understands the value of reciprocal link exchange. Offer a discount for customers who follow the link from your customer or supplier website. Also, post information about the promotion on your website and ask your partners to post news about it on their resources.

    Want to learn more about ways to increase organic traffic and sales? Read more at Utmost SEO Tricks to Boost Ecommerce Website.

    Our conclusion

    The goal of any SEO marketing campaign is to increase a website’s ranking on search engine results pages. By introducing some meaningful changes to websites we can attract new visitors through numerous channels. However, without a proper link building strategy, the results of your search engine optimization are likely to be mediocre.

    Web referencing requires perseverance and a well-thought-out strategy. The above selection proves that the production of natural links requires rather more time than money efforts.

    Based on the listed methods, you can create your own web referencing strategy and stick to it for a long time. Only then links will help your site to get to the TOP search results and stay there for as long as possible. We also think that there is no single, universal approach — instead, you need to make a plan and choose the options that will work for your e-commerce website. If you truly want your site to be more interesting and interactive, you can also add online casino games like the ones from W88 so your web visitors would be entertained.



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