In the past, companies that wanted to capitalize on search engine marketing could simply pump out blog posts stuffed with keywords and links. While that type of effort may have been rewarded previously, with today’s Google algorithms, you’re more likely to see your site punished for such behavior. That has necessitated some serious changes in the world of SEO, and content marketing evolved as a result. No longer is it about mindless blog posts – in fact, those companies that are not afraid of embracing online marketing are accomplishing much more than simply moving up the ranks on results pages.

    Content marketing today is about more than just filling a website with information. It has many uses, and companies that harness its potential fully may find that they are able to:

    1. Build their brand

    One of the most basic goals of content marketing is conveying a certain message to an audience. However, this theme is typically more than simply “buy this product.” Instead, savvy businesses use their content to build out all aspects of their brand. While promoting goods and services may be a part of it, the strategy should include notes regarding the background of the brand. For example, you can establish the values of your brand, highlight employees and run contests that encourage readers to make an emotional investment in your organization. Every little step builds brand loyalty and credibility, which is key for growing a customer base and maintaining an authoritative stance on the issues of the day.

    2. Educate and encourage customers

    It’s a well-documented fact: Your content must provide some sort of value for search engines – and customers – to take it seriously. Business 2 Community suggested using this space to stake your claim as an expert in your respective industry by educating consumers. According to Business 2 Community, the focus can be anything from the ins and outs of your products to providing a high-level overview of current events. What is important is that you are providing input to customers while also offering background information regarding your company, its products and the industry. Incorporating all of these elements may be enough to convince some people to make the leap and complete a transaction.

    3. Enhance employee knowledge

    Content marketing boosts the visibility for your website, but it can also be applied as a way to make your employees a more integral part of your business. You’ll be sending them in search of news and in-depth analysis of your industry, not to mention the deep dive into social media they’ll have to take to connect with other experts. All of this builds their knowledge of the business, allowing them to better address customer questions or contribute ideas. This is certainly a bonus for you. Not only are they able to shoulder some of the burden of the marketing campaign, but they can also offer a fresh perspective and valuable insight to the efforts.

    4. Recruit potential employees

    Companies become great with the help of stellar people. This doesn’t end with loyal customers – the employees filling out the ranks of your business matter as well. Is your company in need of new hires? Recruiting firms like Betts Recruiting can help you find your next employees.

    The workers you already have are likely doing their part to enhance your content marketing, but you can use the material to add to your staff. For example, engaging content frequently pulls in fellow experts and authorities in the field, either through guest blogs, interviews or discussions. By naturally expanding your company’s reach within the industry, you are raising brand awareness and building a positive reputation, which are two things that can dramatically increase the interest in your company, Forbes reported. With more business coming in and more competition among applicants, you’ll be able to fill roles with high-quality individuals.


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