WordPress is a great platform for marketers whether it’s to host your site or blog for your audience. It’s easy to use and what’s more, it comes with tons of great features including plugins. In today’s article we’ll tell you what are our favorite plugins and how they can help you in your everyday marketing life.

    The benefits of WordPress

    WordPress is the content management system (CMS) of choice for a quarter of the websites on the internet and nearly 60% of the top 100 websites on Earth. Content marketers love WordPress for its adaptability, its open source foundations, and the unlimited opportunities to customize every part of the site.

    Here at DOZ we highly recommend using WordPress and we can’t stress enough the importance of adding a business blog to your website.

    Fun fact: DOZ is actually based on a WordPress. Could you tell? ūüėČ

    DOZ’s top 5 plugins

    The worst WordPress plugins will slow down your site, break up your code, and won’t do much to help you market your business better. On the other hand, the best plugins add functionality that supports your marketing efforts, improves the UX, and helps you get found online.

    We’ve collected five plugins that every site should consider installing to up their marketing game, help improve their on-site SEO, and help visitors share the content they find on your WordPress site.

    1. Jetpack

    • In short: An all-in-one solution for promotion and marketing.
    • Why you’ll love it: Jetpack is easy to use, has tons of options, and can help you do everything from promote your posts on social media to tracking your visitor metrics to keeping visitors on-site with related posts.
    • Where to find it:


    2. Bloom

    • In short: The ultimate customizable email opt-in.
    • Why you’ll love it: Bloom integrates perfectly with WordPress and email list management software like MailChimp and Aweber. Manage your lists, customize opt-ins for every page, and take control of your list sign-up process.
    • Where to find it:


    3. Yoast SEO

    • In short: Straighten out your on-site SEO and stick to best practice.
    • Why you’ll love it: Yoast SEO helps you to optimize your on-site SEO. Every post, every page, every image, every URL – Yoast SEO handles them all. You’ll fix existing problems and align your future content with SEO best practices.
    • Where to find it:


    4. Akismet

    • In short: Don’t let spam take over your on-site interaction.
    • Why you’ll love it: Akismet takes care of the spam that can quickly take over the comments and interactive elements of your site. Switch it on and forget about it – Akismet is incredibly accurate.
    • Where to find it:


    5. CoSchedule

    • In short: The ultimate WordPress editorial calendar.
    • Why you’ll love it: CoSchedule adds a fully functional editorial calendar to your WordPress CMS. With planning, editing, and sharing capabilities included in a single back-end product, CoSchedule has everything you need to achieve growth.
    • Where to find it:


    Now over to you: what are you favorite WordPress plugins and why? Let us know in the comment section below!

    Want an easy to follow guide on essential¬†Wordpress plugins¬†to view online or download for later? Check out our SlideShare presentation “5 Essential Plugins for Marketers on WordPress


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