You’ve got many professional pages in social media, and you think it’s enough to give more visibility to your business website? You’re totally wrong! You forgot to set up your business blog, a must-have for succeeding in your online marketing strategy !


    What is a business blog?

    A business blog is a good way to give news to your community of clients, future clients, suppliers, investors etc. You can use it to introduce a new product, announce a special offers, educate your customer to use your product / service, give news about your market etc.

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    Content on your business blog have to be fresh and unique. By creating new content and new pages, you will give your business website more visibility in Search Engines, and you can use these posts to promote your company on Social Media.


    What kind of content should you post on your business blog?

    Instead of writing the exact same articles you read on your competitors’ site, you should create your own unique content and topic.  Watch your community to understand what they are looking for, what they want to read and learn, what are willing to share. Using tools such as Google Trends might help you to find trending topics, thus relevant to a larger audience. No need to talk about your company, brand or product in every single post.

    Also you should enhance your articles with different media: ebooks, videos, infographics, images, songs etc. 

    Bellow, Socially Sorted gives you 7 tips to create the best infographic ever.


    How to organize your business blog?

    In order to post articles regularly and to talk about the right topics at the right time, you should set up an editorial calendar. Here is a quick tutorial which explains you how to use the “Editorial Plugin” in WordPress.

    My advices to write a perfect business blog post

    You must keep in mind that your business blog is made for people. That’s why there are three things you must do:

    • Identify the needs. For instance, “what kind of information your readers look for”, or “what elements can favor the sharing of your articles”. It will help you to reinforce your relationship with your community, and also to enlarge your audience.
    • Make sure your articles are shareable. Add social media buttons in your blog so that your readers can share your articles with their friends.
    • Be quick to react. Answer all the comments you’ll get even if they are bad comments. Your readers will appreciate your frankness.

    What are the other technics you are using ? Any tips to share ? Feel free to use the comment section below 🙂



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